Nady Systems Starpower SP-R3

Nady Systems Starpower SP-R3 Bedienungsanleitung

    SP-R3 Dynamic Microphone
    Congratulations on purchasing the Nady SP-R3 Neodymium Dynamic Microphone! This versatile, professional
    quality microphone is designed to provide top performance in all live stage and public address applications.
    Its true, transparent sound also makes the SP-R3 a valuable recording tool.
    The SP-R3 can be used with any standard mixer, powered mixer/amplifier, or mic preamp. Using either an XLR to XLR
    or XLR to 1/4" phone plug low impedance cable, connect the female XLR end to the SP-R3, and the other end (male
    XLR or 1/4", as appropriate) to your equipment.
    mic clip.
    Be aware of the proximity effect (an increase in bass response) when the mic is placed close to the mouth or instru-
    ment. This may or may not be desirable. Experimenting with the position of the mic with respect to the audio source will
    ensure the optimum results you are seeking in any given application. Also, never place your hands over the ballscreen
    of the mic during use, as this can degrade the performance.
    If the microphone is placed too near a speaker, an unpleasant howling effect (acoustic feedback) may occur. Although
    all microphones are prone to feedback to some extent, those with a unidirectional polar pattern (such as the SP-R3)
    are specially designed to accept only signals from the audio source directly in front of the mic cartridge. Thus, the car-
    dioid pattern of the SP-R3 ensures that it will deliver only the desired audio in front of the mic, rejecting the unwanted
    audio from the rear, even in noisy ambient conditions with high sound pressure levels from the PA. and monitor speak-
    ers. This means that feedback will be greatly minimized with the SP-R3 in all live performance miking applications.
    Some useful ways in which to totally eliminate annoying feedback include: experimenting with mic positions with
    respect to the speakers, decreasing speaker volume (whenever possible), and adjusting the equalization of the mic
    audio with the mixer.
    • The microphone should never be dropped or subjected to extreme shock. Store only in a padded case to protect it
    during transport.
    Keep the microphone away from extremely high temperatures (above 140°F or 60°C )and humidity. Avoid leaving the
    microphone in direct sunlight for long periods of time.
    • When using the microphone outdoors, avoid getting it wet.
    After use in a high-moisture application such as a a stage performance, wipe off the microphone with a dry cloth and
    permit it to air dry. Do not store the unit in a closed space (e.g., a plastic bag) until all moisture has evaporated.
    • To protect the mic cartridge and ensure the longest possible useful life, it is highly recommended that for vocal appli-
    cations, an external foam windscreen be used over the ball grille. This will prevent the buildup of saliva and perspira-
    tion on the cartridge diaphragm, which degrades performance and shortens the useful life of the microphone. Such a
    wind "sock" will also eliminate wind noise when the mic is used in a windy outdoor environment.
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Nady Systems Starpower SP-R3

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Nady Systems Starpower SP-R3-Spezifikationen

Marke Nady Systems
Model Starpower SP-R3
Produkte Mikrofon
EAN 634343000542
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Typ Bühnen-/Auftrittsmikrofon
Mikrofon-Empfindlichkeit -76
Mikrofon-Frequenz 50 - 12000
Ausrichtung des integrierten Mikrofons Kardioide
Mikrofon Stummschaltung
Mikrofon-Eingangsimpedanz 250Ohm
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Übertragungstechnik Verkabelt
Sonstige Funktionen
Stecker 1
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Mikrofongewicht 266
Tiefe 178
Höhe 53.6
Breite 53.6
Produktfarbe Schwarz

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