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BedienungsanleitungNeumann LH 28

LH 28

Mounting manual

Tripod Stand Adaptor

Important safety and mounting instructions

Have the product mounted by a specialist.
Due to his/her technical training, know-how and experience as well
as knowledge of relevant provisions, regulations and standards, the
specialist must be able to assess assigned tasks, recognize poten-
tial hazards and ensure appropriate safety measures. The following
safety and mounting instructions are addressed to this specialist.
Read and follow the safety and mounting instructions, keep these
instructions and always include them when passing the LH 28 on
to third parties.
Also read and follow the installation instructions contained in the
operating manual of the mounted loudspeaker.
When mounting, observe and follow the local, national and interna-
tional regulations and standards.
Mount the LH 28 in combination with other accessories from the
Neumann mounting hardware range to loudspeakers with a maxi-
mum weight of 65 kg (143.3 lbs).
The LH28 is not suitable for suspended mounting. The locking
screw B protects the LH28 from rotating, but does not provide
su cient protection against tensile stress. Only use the LH28 for
mounting on loudspeaker stands or subwoofers as shown in fi g. 4.
Do not install the LH 28 in locations where it is exposed to externally
generated vibrations.
Always use the original supplied parts.
In the following you will be asked to combine other acces-
sories from the Neumann mounting hardware range with the
LH28. Download the PDF fi le Hardware Mounting Matrix
from Only combine the Neumann moun-
ting hardware as specifi ed in the Hardware Mounting Matrix.
Fasten your loudspeaker to a Neumann mounting hardware that is
also suitable for mounting to the LH28 (e.g. LH 25, LH36, LH61,
refer to the Hardware Mounting Matrix). Follow the safety and
mounting instructions contained in the operating manual of the
selected mounting hardware.
Attach the LH 28 to the mounting hardware/loudspeaker combina-
tion (see fi g. 1).
If di erent mounting positions are possible, choose mounting
points that minimize leverage when the loudspeaker is tilted.
Tighten the nuts with a torque of 20Nm.
Loosen the locking screw B on the LH28 so that the LH28 can be
fully slid onto a tripod stand.
Danger of injury and material damage
due to dropping of the loudspeaker
Unless the LH 28 is properly fastened, the loudspeaker together
with the mounting hardware can drop down.
Have the loudspeaker held by a second specialist who is
physically able to do so. The requirements mentioned earlier
also apply to this specialist.
When mounting the loudspeaker, provide a su cient addi-
tional protection against dropping.
Slide the LH28 with the mounted loudspeaker as far as it will go
onto a tripod stand with a tube diameter of 35mm (1).
You can also use the LH28 for mounting a loudspeaker onto
a Neumann subwoofer (see fi g. 4). For this, you require a
distance rod (to be ordered separately) with the following
diameter: 35mm (1);
as short as possible to minimize leverage;
manufacturer-rated for the weight that is to be supported.
First slide the distance rod into the subwoofer‘s mounting
ange, then slide the LH28 onto the distance rod.
Tighten the locking screw B.
Use safety wires to additionally protect the loudspeaker and the
mounting hardware against tipping/dropping. The safety wires, rope
terminations and coupling links must comply in their dimensioning
and condition with the regulations and standards of the country in
which they are used and must reliably prevent tipping/dropping of
a load of 65 kg (143.3 lbs; when mounting the loudspeaker onto
a subwoofer, you have to add the weight of the loudspeaker and the
mounting hardware).
Make sure that ...
you use both screws D to fasten the LH 28 to suitable Neumann
mounting hardware;
the LH 28, the associated mounting hardware, the loudspeaker
and the tripod stand cannot tip over or drop down, even if the
power or audio cables are pulled;
you replace the safety wires and coupling links by new ones when
they have prevented tipping/dropping;
you check every 3 months if all screws are properly tightened
and if the LH28 and associated mounting hardware, additional
fastening elements, safety wires and coupling links, as well as the
loudspeaker are in proper condition.
In case of any damage or any deviation from the safety and mounting
instructions, immediately dismount the loudspeaker, the LH28 and the
additional mounting hardware used.

Delivery includes

A: 1 x LH28 tripod stand adapter
B: 1 x locking screw with star knob head
C: 4 x washers
D: 2 x M8x25 screws
E: 2 x lock washers
F: 2 x M8 nuts

Specifi cations

Weight 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
Dimensions 105 x 145 x 40 mm (H x W x D)
4 x 5 ¾ x 1 (H x W x D)
Max. load 65.0 kg (143.3 lbs)


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