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BedienungsanleitungOSD Audio AP520T
Thank you for giving OSD AUDIO the chance to earn your business! We are condent you will nd that OSD oers an outstanding combination of performance
and value in everything we make. To ensure you get the most out of your new patio speakers, please take a moment to read this manual before you get started.

Installing Speakers

These weather resistant patio speakers are manufactured to resist
a variety of weather condition. The most ideal place to install these
speakers is the undersides of most eaves and overhangs as they
provide the best protection.
Like all speakers, they sound the best when placed no more than
seven feet apart from each other, and slightly higher than ear level.
If the speakers are more than seven feet apart, toe them in toward
the center of the listening area.
These speakers are not waterproof and cannot be submerged under

Placing Speakers

If your application requires the speaker to be mounted, please
follow these directions. Using the hardware supplied, mount the
bracket rst. Attach the speakers to the brackets using the large
plastic knobs supplied. Never mount a speaker on a wall made
of unreinforced drywall or plasterboard. If you are unsure,
consult a professional contractor. (See Diagram 1)
The binding post speaker terminals on the speakers will accommodate
up to 12-guage wire. When using 70V amplier output, please select a
power setting through the knob switch. When connecting the speakers,
it is very important to observe the correct polarity. This means that the
wire attached to the (+), red, or positive terminals on one component
must be attached to the (+), red, or positive terminal on the
corresponding component speaker output terminals. Similarly, the (-),
Black, Negative or ground terminals must connect to the respective (-),
Black, Negative, or ground terminals. This is easy to do by locating the
color stripes that appears on most wire.

Painting the grilles

The metal grilles may also be painted. Use very thin paint (5:1). It will
be easier to paint the grilles while it is o the speaker. Avoid
plugging up the holes with excess paint.


To install the bracket on the speaker. Screw the bracket knobs into the
cabinet. Point the speaker toward the listening area. Once the direction
of the speaker has been determined tighten the bracket knobs securely.
(See Diagram 2)
Diagram 1


Diagram 2
First remove the grille fom the speaker using spray paint lightly go
over the front of the grille and then go over the back of the grille.
Two coats may be nessesary for desired look.

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OSD Audio
AP520T | AP520T-BLK
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Empfohlene NutzungUniversal
Multi-Room Streaming (MRS) UnterstützungNein
Für die Nutzung im Außenbereich geeignetJa
Audio Kanäle2.0 Kanäle
Anzahl des Antriebs2
Hochtönerdurchmesser (Imperial)1 Zoll
Tieftönerdurchmesser (imperial)5.25 Zoll
Anzahl der Tieftöner-Antriebe1
RMS-Leistung120 W
Impedanz8 Ohm
Frequenzbereich45 - 22000 Hz
Empfindlichkeit88 dB
Montageblöcke enthaltenJa
Technische Details
Frequenzbereich45 - 22000 Hz
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht- g
Höhe234.95 mm
Breite195.58 mm
Tiefe170.18 mm
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