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Panasonic NN-SD261M
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BedienungsanleitungPanasonic NN-SD261M

Important Notice

Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic Microwave Oven.
Your oven is rated 950 Watts (IEC). When using other cookbooks remember to adjust cooking
times accordingly. The symbol above, which is displayed on your oven door, indicates the heating
category for your oven when cooking or reheating convenience foods.
Your oven is rated ‘E’, which is very efcient. It is therefore very important that you refer carefully
to the packet instructions on convenience foods.
Some packet instructions only display information for B or D rated ovens. We therefore provide
additional guidelines for reheating and cooking on pages 28-34 of this book.
ALWAYS check the progress of the food as it cooks or reheats by simply opening the door. After
checking the progress of the foods, press START to continue the cooking time.
Failure to follow the instructions given in this Operating Instructions and Cookbook,
may affect the recipe result and in some instances may be dangerous.

( Customer Communications Centre 0844 844 3899

Selected Spares and Accessories:
Order direct on line at or by telephoning the Customer Communications
Centre number above.
For Cookery Advice call: 01344 862108 (open Monday to Friday 9am - 12pm)
Alternatively visit our web site at
(60705) power output
The heating category for
small packs of food
Microwave symbol


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Marke Panasonic
Model NN-SD261M
Produkte Mikrowelle
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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