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Peak Radeon HD 3850
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BedienungsanleitungPeak Radeon HD 3850
Remove the old VGA card (you may need to unlock the
AGP slot lock, depending on the motherboard) and
remove the screw on the system chassis, then carefully
pull the card straight up off the motherboard.
Install your new AGP card into the PC by inserting it
into the AGP slot, secure the card by locking the
AGP slot lock and insert the chassis screw.
Reconnect the Power and VGA cords to the computer,
then turn on the PC.
Place the enclosed CD into your CD-ROM drive, select
auto-run and install driver.
Adjust the display resolution by right-clicking on the
desktop, select Properties Settings Display
Resolution.The refresh frequency can be adjusted in
Advanced tab Monitor Screen Refresh Rate.
Q5.Windows XP is warning me that my driver has not
Drivers provided by PEAKHARDWARE on the downloads page have been
fully tested by PEAKHARDWARE for operating under
Windows XP. However, on occasion, we may release
a driver which has not been digitally signed by
Microsoft, which will result in a Microsoft Windows
XP warning message being posted during
installation of the PEAKHARDWARE driver. This
warning message can be safely ignored.
passed Windows Logo testing and can impair or
destabilize the correct operation of my operating
system. Is it safe for me to proceed with the
installation of my driver?
Alternatively, you can disable this message from
appearing as follows:
Go into your Control Panel.
Double-click on the System icon.
Click on the Hardware tab.
Click on the Driver Signing button.
Choose the Ignore option and then press the OK
For the latest specifications and product information,
visit us at
If you are still having problem with your PEAK Graphics
Card, please contact the original place of purchase store
or E-mail our technical support at

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Marke Peak
Model Radeon HD 3850
Produkte Grafikkarte
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Grafikkartenspeichertyp GDDR3
Breite der Speicherschnittstelle 256 Bit
Speichertaktfrequenz 1600 MHz
Graphikadapter RAMDAC 400 MHz
Maximale Auflösung 2560 x 1600 Pixel
Prozessortaktfrequenz 668 MHz
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Schnittstelle PCI Express 2.0
Anzahl DVI-Anschlüsse 1
Anzahl VGA (D-Sub) Anschlüsse 1
TV-Out Ja
DirectX-Version 10.1
OpenGL-Version 2.0
Sonstige Funktionen
Mac-Kompatibilität Nein
Kühlung Aktiv
Mehr anzeigen

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