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BedienungsanleitungPhilips AVENT SCF139
For your child’s safety and health WARNING! Before first use, clean
the product. After every use, take all items apart, wash and rinse
thoroughly. Sterilise using a Philips AVENT Steriliser or boil for 5 minutes.
This is to ensure hygiene

Always use this product with adult supervision

Never use feeding teats as a soother Continuous and prolonged sucking
of fluids will cause tooth decay

Always check food temperature before


Keep all components not in use out of the reach of children

Do not leave a feeding teat in direct sunlight or heat when not in use, or

leave in disinfectant (“sterilising solution”) for longer than recommended,
as this may weaken the teat

Before each use, inspect the product. Throw

away at the first sign of damage or weakness

During inspection of teats

pull the feeding teat in all directions

DO NOT warm contents in a

microwave oven as this may cause uneven heating and could scald your

Wash your hands thoroughly and ensure surfaces are clean before

contact with sterilised components

DO NOT use abrasive cleaning agents

or anti-bacterial cleaners

Excessive concentrations of detergents may

eventually cause plastic components to crack. Should this occur, replace

Dishwasher safe – food colourings may discolour


For hygiene reasons, we recommend replacing teats/spouts

after 3 months
Always assemble teats when wet DO NOT overtighten
teat assembly on bottle
Keep teats in a dry, covered container DO NOT
allow child to play with small parts or walk/run while using bottles or cups

Drinks other than milk or water, such as fruit juices and flavoured sugary

drinks are not recommended. If they are used, they should be well diluted
and only used for limited periods, not constantly sipped


SPORTSTER CUPS and SPOUTS are not suitable for hot, fizzy or pulpy drinks

DO NOT use cups with spouts to mix infant formula as this may clog the

non-spill valve and cause components to leak

Always ensure the valve is

properly assembled

Magic Cups should only be used as an aid to help

children progress to using ordinary cups.
Spare teats and spouts with valves are available separately. Use only AVENT
Teats with AVENT Feeding Bottles.
Philips AVENT is here to help
GB: Call Free on 0800 289064
IRL: Call Free on 1800 509 021
AU: 1300 364 474

AVENT, Suffolk, CO10 7QS, England


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