Philips Innergize HB947

Philips Innergize HB947 Bedienungsanleitung

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    General description (Fig. 1)
    A Handgrip
    B Lamp unit
    2 UV lamps (Philips Cleo HPA SYNERGY)
    2 Infrared lamps (Philips 1504R 1100 W 230V)
    C Measuring tape
    D Storage compartment for protective goggles
    E Fragrance cartridge
    F Protective goggles (type number HB072; service number 4822 690 80147)
    G Control panel (HB933 only)
    1 Time selection wheel
    2 Function selection wheel
    H Control panel (HB947/HB945 only)
    1 SNOOZE button
    2 Time-selection ring
    3 START/STOP button
    4 Time display
    5 Repeat button (
    6 Pause button (
    7 Volume dial
    8 Sound selection button
    9 Radio display (HB947 only)
    10 Function selection button
    11 Radio tuning dial (HB947 only)
    I Legs
    J Remote control (HB947 only)
    1 SNOOZE button
    2 START/STOP button
    3 Time display
    4 Repeat button (
    5 Pause button (
    6 Volume buttons (+/-)
    7 Sound selection buttons (
    Á / ª )
    K AUX socket
    L Pouch for remote control (HB947 only)
    M Velco cord wrap strip
    N Stereo active speakers
    O Dual push button
    The Innergize is a Wellness Solarium that offers a revitalising summer sun experience by combining infrared warmth or infratan with
    ambient scents and sounds*. The infrared function warms you, relaxes your muscles and joints and makes you feel revitalised. The infratan
    function (a combination of infrared warmth and UV light) allows you to enjoy a natural full-body tan. The Innergize folds to a compact size in
    three simple steps to save valuable space. HB947 also features a remote control and an FM radio.
    * HB933 does not feature any sound options.
    Read the user manual carefully before you use the appliance and save it for future reference.
    Check if the voltage indicated on the appliance corresponds to the mains voltage in your home before you connect the appliance.
    If the wall socket used to power the appliance has poor connections, the plug of the appliance becomes hot. Make sure you plug the
    appliance into a properly connected wall socket.
    The appliance must be connected to a circuit that is protected with a 16A standard fuse or a slow-blow automatic fuse.
    If the mains cord is damaged, it must be replaced by Philips, a service centre authorised by Philips or similarly qualied persons in order
    to avoid a hazard.
    Always unplug the appliance after use.
    Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Do not use this appliance in wet surroundings (e.g. in the bathroom or near a
    shower or swimming pool).
    If you have just been swimming or have just taken a shower, dry yourself thoroughly before you use the appliance.
    Let the appliance cool down after use for approx. 15 minutes before you fold it back into transport position and store it.
    Make sure the vents in the centre and at both ends of the lamp unit housing remain open during use.
    The appliance is tted with an automatic protection against overheating. If the appliance is insufciently cooled (e.g. because the vents
    are covered), the appliance switches off automatically. Once you have removed the cause of overheating and the appliance has cooled
    down, the appliance automatically switches on again.
    The UV lters become very hot when you use the appliance. Do not touch them.
    The appliance contains hinging parts, so be careful not to get your ngers stuck between these parts.
    Never use the appliance when a UV lter is damaged, broken or missing.
    Never use the appliance when the timer, the control panel or the remote control (HB947 only) is defective.
    Keep the scent granules out of the reach of children.
    The scent granules are not edible.
    In case of eye contact with the scent granules, ush the eyes immediately with plenty of water.
    Do not use the scent cartridge if you are allergic to scent. Consult your doctor in case of doubt.
    Make sure children do not play with the appliance.
    Do not exceed the recommended session time and the maximum number of tanning hours (see section ‘Tanning sessions: how often
    and how long?’).

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