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Philips SVC2340
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BedienungsanleitungPhilips SVC2340

2 Start the program on your computer, or push

the play button on the remote control of the
DVD or blu-ray player.

3 From the main menu, select the desired

language with your remote control or highlight
the language option on your computer screen.

4 The cleaning process begins automatically.

When completed, the disc performs a left &
right speaker check automatically.

5 When the cleaning process completes, remove

the disc carefully and place it back in the jewel
case to protect the brushes from damage.
This product is only compatible with the DVD, blu-
ray drives and Blu-ray players.
Do not use cleaning solution with this DVD/ blu ray
laser lens cleaner.
DVD Player & DVD-ROM Drive

Instructions for use

It is important to keep your DVD or Blu-ray player
clean for perfect sound and video quality.
When do you use?
It is good to follow a regular maintenance •
Use for every 10 hours of play or every 3-4 •
It provides approximately 100 cleanings.•
Replace when the brushes become dirty, worn •
or damaged.
Why do you use?
Cleaning process•
to remove dust, debris and dirt from the
laser lens which causes skipping or reading
problems of the DVD or blu ray discs.
Audio system check•
It determines whether your speakers are
connected properly.
Audio frequency response check•
It determines whether your speakers perform
at the proper sound levels.
Color bar check•
It can adjust the color and brightness of your
television set or monitor easily.
Full motion video and audio check:•
It determines whether the laser lens for audio and
video is accurately reading data, and whether the
speakers are properly adjusted.
How do you use?

1 InsertSVC2340/10intotheDVD-ROMdrive,

blu-ray drive, DVD player, or blu-ray player.
Hold the DVD cleaning disc by the edges and
try not to touch or bend the brushes on the
underside of the disc.
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Marke Philips
Model SVC2340 | SVC2340/27
Produkte Waschmittel
EAN 609585197688, 0609585197688
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Bruttogewicht (außerhalb Karton) 6.504 Pfund
Bruttogewicht innerer Karton 0.637 kg
Bruttogewicht äußerer Karton 2.95 kg
Bruttogewicht (imperial) 0.220 Pfund
Nettogewicht (Außenverpackung) 4.762 Pfund
Nettogewicht innerer Karton 0.54 kg
Nettogewicht äußerer Karton 2.16 kg
Nettogewicht Verpackung 0.09 kg
Eigengewicht Verpackung 0.01 kg
Eigengewicht Außenkarton(imperial) 1.742 Pfund
Eigengewicht innerer Karton 0.097 kg
Eigengewicht Außenkarton 0.79 kg
Eigengewicht (imperial) 0.214 Pfund
EAN/UPC/GTIN 609585197688
Höhe (cm) 14.6 cm
Höhe (cm) 16.5 cm
Länge (cm) 39.3 cm
Länge (cm) 41 cm
Breite (cm) 5.4 cm
Breite (cm) 23.8 cm
Verpackungsgewicht 0.1 kg
Paketgewicht 100 g
Verpackungsart Sichtverpackung
Verpackungsbreite 135 mm
Verpackungshöhe 190 mm
Verpackungstiefe 15 mm
Anzahl enthaltener Produkte 1 Stück(e)
Betriebsanleitung Ja
Sonstige Funktionen
Menge innerer Karton 6 Stück(e)
Menge äußerer Karton 24 Stück(e)
Vorgesehene Verwendung CD's/DVD's
Produktfarbe Black,Purple,White
Logistische Daten
Versandkarton GTIN (EAN/UPC) 20609585197682
Hauptkarton GTIN (EAN/UPC) 10609585197685
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