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Operating instructions

IAN 321410_1901

IAN 321410_1901

Dispose of the product and packag-
ing in an environmentally friendly
Note the label on the packaging
materials when separating waste, as
these are labelled with abbreviations
(a) and numbers (b) with the following
meaning: 1–7: plastics/20–22: paper and
cardboard/80–98: composite materials.
The product and the packaging materials
can be recycled, dispose of them separately
for better treatment of waste. The Triman
logo only applies to France. Find out how
to dispose of the used product from your
municipal or city administration.
Notes on the guarantee
and service handling
The product was produced with great care
and under constant supervision. You receive
a three-year warranty for this product from
the date of purchase. Please retain your
The warranty applies only to material and
workmanship and does not apply to misuse
or improper handling. Your statutory rights,
especially the warranty rights, are not affec-
ted by this warranty.
With regard to complaints, please contact
the following service hotline or contact us by
e-mail. Our service employees will advise as
to the subsequent procedure as quickly as
possible. We will be personally available to
discuss the situation with you.
Any repairs under the warranty, statutory
guarantees or through goodwill do not
extend the warranty period.
This also applies to replaced and repaired
parts. Repairs after the warranty are subject
to a charge.
IAN: 321410_1901
Service Great Britain
Tel.: 0800 404 7657
Service Ireland
Tel.: 1890 930 034
(0,08 EUR/Min., (peak))
(0,06 EUR/Min., (off peak))
You have chosen to purchase a high-quality
product. Familiarise yourself with the prod-
uct before using it for the first time.
Read the following operating
instructions carefully.
Use the product only as described and only
for the given areas of application. Store
these operating instructions carefully. When
passing the product on to third parties,
please also hand over all accompanying
Package contents
1 x baby smartphone
3 x battery (1.5V LR03, AAA)
1 x operating instructions
Technical data
Dimensions: approx.
7.6 x 14.8 x 1.8cm (W x D x H)
Battery power supply:
3 x 1.5V LR03, AAA
Date of manufacture (month/year):
Intended use
The item is a toy for children from 12
months. The item is for private indoor use
only and is not intended for commercial use.
Safety information
Important: Please read these in-
structions carefully and keep them
for future reference!
Check the item for damage or wear
before each use. Only use the product if it
is in perfect condition!
The item may not be modified in any
Life-threatening hazard!
Never leave children unattended with the
packaging materials. There is a risk of
Warnings on batteries!
Remove the batteries if they are empty or
if the product is not going to be used for
an extended period.
Do not use different battery types or
brands, new and used batteries in
combination, or batteries with different
capacities, as they leak and can thus
cause damage.
Observe the polarity (+/-) when inserting
Change all batteries at the same time and
dispose of the old batteries properly.
Warning! Batteries may not be charged
or reactivated in any way. They may
not be dismantled, thrown into fire, or
Always keep batteries out of the reach of
Do not use rechargeable batteries!
The cleaning and user-maintenance may
not be carried out by children without
Clean the batteries and the device con-
tacts as necessary and before inserting
the batteries.
Do not expose the batteries to extreme
conditions (e.g. radiators or direct sun-
light). Otherwise there is an increased risk
of leaks.
Batteries can endanger life if swallowed.
Keep batteries out of the reach of small
children for this reason. Seek medical
help immediately if a battery is swallo-
Handle a damaged or leaking battery
with extreme care and dispose of it
properly and immediately. Wear gloves
to handle the battery.
If you come into contact with battery acid
then wash the affected area with soap
and water. If battery acid gets in your eye
rinse it out with water and seek medical
help immediately!
Do not short-circuit the terminals.
Inserting the batteries
(Fig. A)
CAUTION! Observe the following
instructions to avoid mechanical and
electrical damage to the item.
Three batteries are included with the item.
These must be inserted before using the
phone for the first time.
You can replace the batteries when they are
not working anymore.
1. Using a suitable screwdriver (not included
in the package contents), open the
battery compartment (1a) by loosening
the screw (1b) on the lid of the battery
compartment (1c).
2. Open up the battery compartment lid
3. Insert the batteries.
Warning: Check the plus/minus poles
of the batteries and insert them correctly.
The batteries must be completely inside the
battery holder.
4. Close the battery compartment (1a)
Replacing the batteries
1. Proceed as if you were inserting the
2. Carefully remove the flat batteries from
the battery compartment (1a) before
inserting new batteries.
Turning the item on/off
(Fig. B)
1. Press the switch (1d) to turn the item on.
2. Press the switch again to turn the item off.
Storage, cleaning
When not in use, always store the product
dry, clean, without batteries and at room
temperature. Wipe clean with a dry cloth
IMPORTANT! Never clean the product with
harsh cleaning agents.
In the interest of protecting the
environment, do not throw your
product into the household waste
once you are finished with it, but
rather take it to a specialty disposal facility.
Find out about collection sites and their
hours of operation from your local authority.
Defective or used batteries must be recycled
pursuant to Directive 2006/66/EC and
changes to it. Return batteries and/or the
product via the collecting sites provided.
Packaging materials, such as plastic bags,
must be kept away from children. Keep
the packaging materials out of reach of
Environmental damage caused by
improper disposal of batteries!
Batteries may not be disposed of with
household waste. They may contain toxic
heavy metals and are subject to hazardous
waste treatment. The chemical symbols of
the heavy metals are as follows: Cd =
cadmium, Hg = mercury, Pb = lead. Dispose
of used batteries at a municipal collection
1.5V AAA LR03
1.5V AAA LR03
1.5V AAA LR03
06.07.2019 / PM 5:48
Wragekamp 6 • DE-22397 Hamburg
Delta-Sport-Nr.: BS-6867


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