Remington EP7030D

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    Use and
    Care Guide
    When using an electrical appliance,
    basic precautions should always be
    observed, including the following.
    Read all instructions before using this
    As with most electrical appliances,
    electrical parts are electrically live
    even when switch is off. To reduce
    the risk of death by electric shock:
    n Do not reach for an appliance
    that has fallen into water. Unplug
    n Do not use while bathing or in the
    shower if the appliance is plugged in.
    n Do not place or store appliance
    where it can fall or be pulled into a
    tub or sink.
    n Do not place in or drop into water or
    other liquid.
    n Always unplug immediately after using.
    n Always unplug this appliance
    before cleaning.
    To reduce the risk of burns, fire,
    electric shock or injury to persons:
    n An appliance should never be left
    unattended when plugged in.
    n Close supervision is necessary when
    this appliance is used by, on, or near
    children or persons with certain
    n Use this appliance only for its
    intended use as described in
    this manual. Do not use
    attachments not recommended by
    n Never operate this appliance if it
    has a damaged cord or plug, if it is
    not working properly, if it has been
    dropped or damaged, or dropped
    into water.
    n Keep the cord away from heated
    surfaces. Do not wrap the cord
    around the appliance.
    n Never drop or insert any object into
    any opening.
    n Do not use outdoors or operate
    where aerosol (spray) products
    are being used or where oxygen is
    being administered.
    n Do not use this appliance with a
    damaged or broken tweezer barrel
    as injury may occur.
    n Always store your appliance and
    cord in a moisture-free area. Make
    sure your cord is disconnected from
    the appliance.
    n Make sure unit is "off" before
    plugging in, always attach plug
    to appliance first, then to outlet.
    To disconnect, turn all controls to
    "off", then remove plug from outlet,
    then detach power cord from the
    appliance for storage.
    n For household use only.
    n The power unit is intended to be
    correctly oriented in a vertical or
    floor mount position.
    Product Features
    A. Full size epilation head
    B. Perfect angle cap
    C. Epilator head release button (on rear)
    D. Pivot Head
    E. Low Battery/Charging Indicator
    F. Detail light
    G. On/off button & 2 speed setting
    H. Power inlet
    I. Precision cap
    J. Massaging cap with Aloe Vera
    K. Power cord
    n Before epilating, make sure that
    your skin is clean, dry and free from
    creams or oils.
    n Rub the skin in the area to be
    epilated to lift short hairs to optimize
    hair removal.
    n Turn the epilator on to the desired
    speed. Low is recommended for fine
    hair and high is recommended for
    coarse hair or stronger hair growth.
    Using your free hand, hold the skin
    taut to make the hairs stand upright.
    n Position the epilator flat so that the
    How to Use
    Pivoting Head:
    n The epilator features a pivoting
    head to better adapt to your body
    curves for more comfort and
    effective epilating.
    Detail Light:
    n The detail light is incorporated
    with the switch to give you the
    best condition to remove even the
    finest hair.
    Precision Cap:
    For detailed hair removal use the
    precision epilator cap.
    n Ensure the epilator is turned off.
    n Remove full size epilator cap or
    massaging cap.
    n Place the precision cap in the appropriate
    slots at the top of your epilator.
    n Gently press the precision cap into
    place until you hear a “click.”
    Massaging Cap
    With Aloe Vera
    For gentler epilation, the massaging
    cap has flexible elements infused with
    aloe vera for a soothing experience.
    n Ensure the epilator is turned off.
    n Remove perfect angle or precision cap.
    n Place the massaging cap in appropriate
    slots at the top of your epilator.
    n Gently press the massaging cap into
    place until you hear a ‘click’.
    Face & Body
    n Make sure your epilator is turned off before charging.
    n Connect the cord to the epilator, then plug the charging adaptor into the
    electrical outlet. A charging indicator light will come on.
    n Your epilator automatically begins to charge as soon as it is plugged into the
    charging adaptor that is connected to electrical outlet.
    n While charging, the green indictaor light will be illuminated.
    n Your epilator will be fully charged when the green indicator light turns off.
    NOTE: Your epilator cannot be turned on while it is charging. Do not attempt to
    operate your epilator when it is plugged into the charging adaptor.
    n Use only the charging adaptor supplied with the epilator.
    n Charging should be done at temperatures between 40° and 95°F, or it could
    decrease the battery’s life.
    n If the unit is not going to be used for an extended period of time (2-3 months)
    fully recharge when you want to use it again.
    Your epilator will alert you when the battery charge is running low. The red indicator
    light will be illuminated to indicate low battery. When the low battery indicator is
    illuminated, you must return to charging mode.
    Operating Instructions:
    This epilator operates cordless only.
    This epilator is a wet/dry epilator, it may be
    used in a bath or shower.
    Before using your epilator for the first time, it must be fully charged. Plug it in for 4
    hours before initial use and every charge thereafter.
    stainless steel tweezers are at 90º
    angle and flat against the skin. The
    head is designed with
    a staggered tweezer
    system to ensure
    maximum tweezer
    coverage within the
    area of hair removal.
    n Using small circular motions,
    slowly and gently glide the epilator
    over the skin. This circular motion
    is the most effective method and
    makes the process
    more comfortable.
    Alternatively, guide
    the epilator in a slow,
    continuous movement
    against the hair growth.
    n The perfect angle cap allows for
    maximum skin contact to ensure best
    n Repeat within each area until all
    unwanted hair is removed.
    n After epilating, turn the epilator off.
Remington EP7030D

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Remington EP7030D-Spezifikationen

Marke Remington
Model EP7030D
Produkte Epilierer
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Anzahl der Pinzetten 40
Produktfarbe Violet, White
Waschbar -
Nass & Trocken
Kühlung -
Flexibler Aufsatz -
Anzahl Geschwindigkeiten 2
Bewegliches Massage-System
Geeignet für Kurzhaarfrisuren
Technische Details
Spannung 120
Akku-/Batterietyp -
Anzahl Kappen / Aufsätze enthalten 4

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