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REVO Pico Dab+
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BedienungsanleitungREVO Pico Dab+
Welcome to Revo 3
Benefits of DAB radio 3
Pico overview and key features 3
Warranty 3
Warranty registration 3
Controls and Connections 3
Powering Pico 3
Getting Started 4
Pico’s Control Method 4
Pico’s Menus Explained 4
DAB Mode 4
Choosing a station 4
Change display mode 5
DAB Mode Menu Options 5
Station Order 5
Manual Tune 6
Set DRC 6
DRC - Dynamic Range Control 6
Local and Full Scan 6
Favourite Station Presets 6
FM Mode 7
FM Operation 7
Favourite Station Presets 7
M-Port 8
Trouble-Shooting 8
Technical Specification 9

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Safety Warnings

Do not operate this radio near water.
Avoid small objects and liquids from getting
into this product.
Do not remove screws or casing parts.
Use only the power supply unit supplied.
EEC: This product has been designed and
type-tested to comply with EU requirements
and carries a CE mark.

Technical Support

Should you encounter any difficulties with
the operation of your radio, or should you
suspect that it may be faulty in some way,
please call our technical support
department on the number below:

01555 666 161

Alternatively, email or
visit the troubleshooting section of our
website at:




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Produkte Hi-Fi-System
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
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