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Analog TV (NTSC)
Acronym that stands for National Television Systems Committee and the
name of Analog broadcasting standards.
Off the air Analog TV signals are no longer being sent by major
broadcasting stations in the USA.
Aspect ratio
The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3
(in other words, the TV screen is almost square); widescreen models are
16:9 (the TV screen is almost twice as wide as its height).
CEC (Consumer Electronics Control)
This allows you to operate the linked functions between our brand
devices with CEC feature and this Unit. We Do Not guarantee 100%
interoperability with other brands of CEC compliant devices.
Component Video
This is a Video signal format that conveys each of 3 principal colors of
light (red, blue and green) through different signal lines. This allows the
viewers to experience picture colors as original as it is. There are several
signal formats, including Y / Pb / Pr and Y / Cb / Cr.
Dolby Digital
The system developed by Dolby Laboratories to compress Digital sound.
It offers Stereo Sound (2ch) or multi-channel Audio.
Abbreviation that stands for Advanced Television Systems Committee
and the name of the Digital broadcasting standards.
E-sticker is showing set features, technical information, etc on this TV
set that is displayed on the TV screen mainly used by TV retailers.
Previously the information was on a printed sticker that was put on the
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
Interface that supports All uncompressed, Digital Audio / Video formats
including Set-top Box, Blu-ray / DVD Recorder or Digital television, over
a single cable.
HDTV (High-Definition TV)
Ultimate Digital format that produces high resolution and high picture
PIN code
A stored 4-digit number that allows access to Parental control features.
SAP (Secondary Audio Program)
Second-Audio channel delivered separately from the Main-Audio
channel. This Audio channel is used as an alternate in bilingual
SDTV (Standard Definition TV)
Standard Digital format that is similar to the Analog TV picture quality.


Cabinet Cleaning
Wipe the front panel and other exterior surfaces of the Unit with a soft
Never use a solvent or alcohol. Do Not spray insecticide liquid near the
Unit. Such chemicals may cause damage and discoloration to the
exposed surfaces.
Panel Cleaning
Wipe the panel of the Unit with a soft cloth. Before cleaning the panel,
disconnect the AC Power Cord.
Should your Unit become inoperative, Do Not try to correct the problem
yourself. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Call our toll free
customer support line found on the cover of this Owner’s Manual to
locate an Authorized Service Center.
IR Signal Check
If the Remote Control is not working properly, you can use a Digital or
Cell Phone Camera to see if it is sending out an infrared signal.
e.g.) With a Digital Camera:
Point the Digital Camera towards the
Remote Control infrared diode at the front
of the Remote Control. Press and Hold any
Key on the Remote Control and look at the
Camera Display. If an infrared pulsating light
appears on the Display, the Remote Control
is sending out an IR signal.
Note: Some Cameras may have an IR Filter
or Dual Camera Cell Phones may have an IR Filter in one of the Camera's
and both will not Display the IR signal.


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