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BedienungsanleitungSelect Increments Versa-Pods
PLACEMENT: There are several excellent places in your vehicle to install this pair of Versa-Pods. Because placement of the pods will
vary from one customer to the next, we don’t pre-drill the 7/16” holes for the speaker wires to exit the pods. When you have
decided where you are going to install the pods, You can determine exactly where on the pods you wish to drill the 7/16” holes (one
hole per pod) for the grommets that are included with your purchase. The tiny space around the wires as they pass through the
grommet on each pod should be filled in with a glue gun or a similar medium to fully seal the pod chambers so no air escapes.
As for affixing the pods to the vehicle, this also will vary depending on where they are placed. Included are four self-
tapping screws, two per pod. In some cases you may be able to run the self taps through the plastic on the inside bottom of the pods
and into the body of the vehicle before the speakers are installed. In other cases, Velcro® may be the better choice as the hooked side
of Velcro® can grip and hold the carpet. Double-sided tape is another option. Lock-Tite® Powergrab caulk, although more permanent,
is another option if you are affixing to the metal body or plastic and is available at just about any hardware store for $3-4 dollars. All
of these mediums will adhere best to the plastic of the pod if you first clean the area in the vehicle and the necessary part of the pod
with rubbing alcohol. Depending on the install, you may even be able to run the second self-tap toward the rear of the pod, especially
if where you drill the 7/16” hole on the pod for the wire-lead allows access through the newly drilled 7/16”hole with a drill and
extension bit to affix the self-tap screw. (This is probably a rare scenario.) If you choose to add additional screws (holes) on the pod
to hold it in place, be sure that they are sealed so that no air escapes the pod to get the best sound possible. There really are quite a
few options here and you can always call us if you have any questions…we’d be happy to help.
Installing Versa-Pods on each side of a TJ Wrangler factory console:
For this particular install, it may be helpful to have another person
to help. If someone is sitting in the front seats while you install each pod, they can tell you if the speaker is directed right at their ears.
You’ll notice that the long, sweeping curved side of the pods should be facing the floor of the Jeep for the best fitment with this
particular install. Probably the best way to install the pods here is to use one or two self-tap screws (provided) per pod. Run the
screw(s) through the flat bottom of the pod just behind the speaker hole and into the side of your console plastic once you have the
pod positioned exactly where you want it. The interior of your factory console is primarily hollow and nothing interferes with the
screws entering the hollow area in this install. Be careful not to over tighten and lose your newly created threads on the plastic. The
lower curved portion of the pod can be affixed to the carpet with a little piece of Velcro® to help hold the pod in place, particularly if
you only use one screw per pod as this will keep the pod from tilting over time. Rubbing alcohol should be used to clean the area of
the pod where the adhesive back of the Velcro® will be placed to ensure a good bond.
Installing Versa-Pods on each side of a TJ Wrangler windshield:
Push the flat bottoms of the pods against the metal frame of the
windshield, and rest the pods on top of the dash a in each corner of the windshield. (The long, sweeping curved side of each pod
would be facing upwards). Attaching the pods here can be pretty easy: Mark the inside of each pod where you will successfully have
the screws run into the hollow windshield frame. Pre-drill those holes in the pod bottoms by running the screws through. Remove
the screws and set the pods in place on the dash again. By hand, put the screws in each hole and turn them some so the drill-point
tips will mark the windshield frame enough to make discernable marks to go by. Remove the pods and drill the screws into those
marks so you form threads in the frame first. Then remove the screws, put the pods back in place, and use a small ratchet to run the
screws in by hand since getting a drill inside the pods is not possible. Email: Phone: 610-345-9044


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