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BedienungsanleitungSennheiser MB 360

MB 360 UC

MB 360 UC is a double-sided, Bluetooth® headset with
Active Noise Cancellation that reduces background
noise to increase work focus. Designed for today’s style
conscious office workers on the move, who prefer to
use a single headset for both calls and entertainment
- without compromising on business performance or
audio quality.
Ideal for working in collaborative, often noisy environ-
ments, the MB 360 UC’s Active Noise Cancellation
improves concentration by reducing distracting back-
ground noise. An over-the-ear design and deep, ergo-
nomical ear pads add noise damping and long lasting
comfort for the most extended of listening sessions.
The combination of refined Sennheiser music perfor-
mance with its rich details, vividness and powerful
bass and the benefits of UC productivity gives today’s
active employees the flexibility they need in one great
looking headset.
UC optimization and Skype for Business certification
ensure that users can both hear and be heard clearly
on calls. The MB 360 UC’s discreet styling, signals qua-
lity when worn both in and out of the office, and its long
battery performance lasts right through the workday
– and commute.
Comes with USB dongle for softphone/PC, USB cable
for charging, 3.5 mm jack cable for mobile use and a
storage pouch that keeps your headset protected on
the go.
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Work your way

- Concentrate in noisy environments thanks to ANC

- Reduces distracting noise with large ear cups that
provide excellent damping
- Add refined Sennheiser sound to your everyday
routine and power your life with music
- Stay comfortable with soft ear pads - even after
hours of wearing
- Increase productivity with UC optimization
- Longer listening with up to 25 hours of battery
- Neatly stowable due to a robust, foldable headband
- Protect your headset with included storage pouch


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