Severin SM9668

Severin SM9668 Bedienungsanleitung

  • Dear Customer,
    Before using the appliance, please read the
    following instructions carefully.
    Important safety instructions
    Do not use the appliance unless the
    whisk head is fully submerged in the
    This appliance must not be used if the
    shaft is bent.
    This appliance is not intended for use by
    any person (including children) with
    reduced physical, sensory or mental
    capabilities, or lacking experience and
    knowledge, unless they have been given
    supervision or instruction concerning the
    use of the appliance by a person
    responsible for their safety.
    Children should be supervised to ensure
    that they do not play with the appliance.
    No responsibility is accepted if damage
    results from improper use, or if these
    instructions are not complied with.
    In order to comply with safety
    regulations and to avoid hazards, repairs
    to electrical appliances must be carried
    out by qualified personnel. If repairs are
    needed, please send the appliance to one
    of our customer service departments.
    The addresses can be found in the
    appendix to this manual.
    Should the frothing process not lead to the
    desired results, or if you experience a
    decrease in the operating speed, this
    indicates that the batteries need to be
    replaced. To access the battery
    compartment, unlock the cover and remove
    it. Always ensure correct polarity alignment
    when inserting new batteries. The unit is
    designed for use with standard ‘R6/AA’-
    type 1.5V batteries. Do not use rechargeable
    batteries: the operating voltage is rated at
    only 1,2V.
    Remember to protect our environment.
    Never dispose of old batteries in your
    domestic garbage.
    Old batteries must be disposed of through
    the local ‘special garbage collection points’.
    During extended periods of non-use, always
    remove the battery from the battery
    Before using for the first time
    Before the appliance is used for the first
    time, or after extended periods of non-use, it
    should be thoroughly cleaned as described in
    the section General Care and Cleaning.
    We recommend the use of long-life low-fat
    milk (1.5% fat content). For best results, the
    milk should be taken from the refrigerator
    immediately prior to frothing.
    Half-fill a suitable, long container (eg
    glass or cup) with milk. Do not pre-heat
    the container.
    Insert the whisk head, ensuring that it is
    fully immersed, and press the operating
    button. Keep it pressed until the milk is
    thoroughly frothed. During frothing, the
    whisk head should be moved in a circular
    motion. To avoid possible spilling during
    the frothing process, ensure that the
    whisk head remains fully submerged.
    Use a spoon to spread the milk froth
    over the coffee.
    General Care and Cleaning
    The whisk head is permanently attached and
    cannot be removed. After use, the head can
    be easily cleaned by dipping it into warm
    water and briefly pressing the operating
    button. Clean the head thoroughly
    afterwards. For safety reasons, the housing
    of the appliance may not be treated with
    water or any other liquids; it may be wiped
    with a slightly damp cloth.
    Milk frother
Severin SM9668

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Severin SM9668-Spezifikationen

Marke Severin
Model SM9668
Produkte Mixer
EAN 4008146966804
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Technische Details
Typ Manueller Milchaufschäumer
Produktfarbe Silber
AC Eingangsspannung 3
Batteriespannung 1.5

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