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BedienungsanleitungSharp R21JCA

R-21JCA Commercial Microwave Oven

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Stainless Steel Interior and Door: Only Sharp
designs every oven in their line with a high-
grade stainless steel interior. It's easy to clean
and won't pit, chip, scratch or corrode, even
with a tough schedule of everyday use.
Cool Gray Cabinet and Stainless Door:
A streamlined, style-setting look that suits any
situation—from snack bars to offices.
Dependable 6-Minute Light Up Dial Timer:
Clearly marked in 10, 15 and 30 second
increments for easy-to-set, easy-to-read
convenience. When the door is opened during
cooking, the remaining time is canceled
eliminating the oven being on without a food
load. Increments are lettered for use with
coded foods.
Heating Time Guide: Charts proper times needed
to heat a variety of popular foods. It's a handy "on-
the-spot" reference for timesaving convenience.
Sturdy Grab Handle: Offers the strength that
stands up to the daily demands of the light-duty
user. Designed for easy access.
End of Heating Signal: Lets user know when food
is ready.
• Interior Oven Light
View food as it cooks to
monitor progress. See-through door and oven light
promote maximum visibility.
Ease of Cleaning:
Rubber-sealed ceramic shelf
makes it easy to keep oven in "ready-for-inspection"
1,000 Watts of Power:
Built for fast, efficient
Built to meet rugged commercial standards.
Complies with DHHS & FCC.
1000 Watts / Light Duty
Dependable, easy-to-use and built with a rugged stainless steel interior and door and Sharp's commitment to quality.
The R-21JCA is a smart choice for snack bars, lounges, offices, vending locations and convenience stores.


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Marke Sharp
Model R21JCA
Produkte Mikrowelle
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