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BedienungsanleitungSilent Knight PS-SA

PS-SA Manual Pull Station

Patented, U.S. Patent No. Des. 428,351; 6,380,846
Document 51412-2 I56-2830-001
The PS-SA pull station is a non-coded, single-action manual pull station with pigtail con-
nections and a key-lock reset feature. It provides Silent Knight control panels with one
normally open (N/O) alarm initiating input. The PS-SA meets the ADAAG controls and
operating mechanisms guidelines (section 4.1.3[13]), and the ADA requirement for a 5 lb.
maximum pull force to activate the pull station. Operating instructions are molded into the
pull station handle along with Braille text.
Switch contact (N/O) is gold plated for reliability and rated at 0.25 A at 30 volts (AC or DC).
The PS-SA pull station can be surface mounted to an SB-10 or SB-I/O surface backbox or
semi-ush mounted on a standard single-gang, double-gang or (10.16 cm) square electrical
box. The optional BG-TR trim ring can be used if the PS-SA is to be semi-ush mounted.
To activate the single-action pull station, simply pull down the handle. The word ‘ACTI-
VATED’ appears after the handle is pulled down. This will remain until the pull station is reset.
The pull station includes one Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) Normally Open (N/O)
switch which closes upon activation of the pull station.
Resetting the Pull Station
1. Insert the key into the lock and rotate
/4-turn counterclockwise.
2. Open the door until the handle returns to normal.
3. Close and lock the door.
NOTE: Closing the door automatically resets the switch to the ‘Normal’ position. Opening
the door will not activate or deactivate the alarm switch.
Do not detach the door of the pull station during installation. The door of the pull station
cannot be reattached to the backplate after the backplate has already been installed onto an
electrical box.
Install the Silent Knight PS-SA pull station in accordance with these instructions,
applicable NFPA standards, national and local Fire and Electrical codes and the requirements
of the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Regular testing of the devices should be conduct-
ed in accordance with the appropriate NFPA standards. Failure to follow these directions may
result in failure of the device to report an alarm condition. Silent Knight is not responsible for
devices that have been improperly installed, tested or maintained.
ADA Compliance
For ADA compliance, if the clear oor
space only allows forward approach to an
object, the maximum forward reach height
allowed is 48 inches (121.92 cm). If the
clear oor space allows parallel approach
by a person in a wheelchair, the maximum
side reach allowed is 54 inches (137.16 cm).
Manual Pull Station
12 Clintonville Road
Northford, CT 06472
Fax: 203-484-7118
©2009 Honeywell International Inc. 06/09
Document 51412-2 I56-2830-001

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ZertifizierungUL, CSFM, ADA
Betriebstemperatur0 - 49 °C
Eingangsspannung30 V
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite101.6 mm
Tiefe36.5 mm
Höhe139.7 mm
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