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Sophos Secure Wi-Fi Wireless Standard
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BedienungsanleitungSophos Secure Wi-Fi Wireless Standard

Sophos Wireless

The smarter way to simple, secure Wi-Fi

Sophos Wireless provides a simple, effective way to manage and secure your

wireless networks. Managed from Sophos Central, it is easy to deploy as a

standalone product or as part of your portfolio of cloud-managed solutions.

Ì Managed from
Sophos Central
Ì One dashboard for an
at-a-glance status
Ì Simple deployment
and administration
Ì Increased visibility
and control
Ì Secure guest access
and hotspot setup
Ì Multi-site management
and cloud scalability
Sophos Wireless managed from Sophos Central
With Sophos Wireless you can manage your wireless networks alongside other Sophos
solutions or use our Sophos Central management platform solely for wireless network
setup and control.
One dashboard for an at-a-glance status
The Sophos Wireless dashboard is your single pane of glass to get the status of your
wireless networks, access points, connected clients and identify potential issues
needing attention. Get all the key information at-a-glance in a concise manner and
on a single screen.
Simple deployment and administration
Using the step-by-step guidance in our on-boarding wizard, creating networks,
registering access points and adding sites is child’s play. Our solution is built to be
simple to use - even for non-wireless experts - but that doesn’t mean you forfeit
functionality. Schedule firmware upgrades to keep your network up-to-date and
deploy new features.
Increased visibility and control
See which traffic is using your bandwidth to optimize the performance of your Wi-Fi
and alert you to potential unwanted use of your resources. With Sophos Wireless you’ll
know exactly what’s happening with your users and your wireless networks to avoid
behavior which could put your security at risk.
Secure guest access and hotspot setup
Provide controlled internet access for visitors, contractors and other guests on your
network. Using a daily password or time-based voucher, you can customize guest
access with your own terms of service and branding. Use enterprise-grade backend
authentication for a seamless user experience.
Multi-site management and cloud scalability
One of the benefits of a cloud-managed wireless solution is scalability. Whether you
have just one growing network, or multiple sites, extending your Wi-Fi is as simple as
adding an additional access point. With our basic site planning tools you get a first
impression of what your set-up will look like, before doing a more detailed site
survey and plan.


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Marke Sophos
Model Secure Wi-Fi Wireless Standard
Produkte Software-Lizenzen und Erweiterung
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Lizenztyp Open Value Subscription (OVS)
Anzahl Benutzerlizenzen 1 Lizenz(en)
Lizenzterm 3 Jahr(e)
Kompatibilität AP55/AP55C/AP100/AP100C/AP100X
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