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Sophos XN553CTAA
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BedienungsanleitungSophos XN553CTAA

XG Firewall Features

Sophos XG Firewall


Ì Purpose-built user interface with
interactive control center
Ì Optimized three-clicks-to-anywhere navigation
Ì Policy Control Center Widget monitors policy activity
for business, user and network policies and tracks
unused, disabled, changed and new policies
Ì New unified policy model enabling all business, user
and network policies to be managed on a single
screen with powerful filtering and search options
Ì Policy Templates for common business applications like
Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and much more
defined in XML enabling customization and sharing.
Ì Streamlined firewall rule management for
large rule sets with grouping with at-a-glance
rule feature and enforcement indicators
Ì Custom AV, Sandboxing, IPS, Web, App, Traffic
Shapping (QoS), routing, and Heartbeat settings
per user or network policy on a single screen
Ì Sophos Security Heartbeat connecting Sophos
endpoints with the Firewall to share health status
and telemetry to enable instant identification
of unhealty or compromised endpoints
Ì Firewall rule support for Endpoint Health (Sophos
Security Heartbeat) to automatically isolate or limit
network access to compromised endpoints
Ì Synchronized App Control to automatically,
identify, classify and control all unknown
applications on the network
Ì Policy test simulator tool to enable firewall rule and web
policy simulation and testing by user, IP and time of day
Ì User Threat Quotient for identifying risky users based
on recent browsing behavior and ATP triggers
Ì Application Risk Meter provides and overall risk factor
based on the risk level of applications on the network
Ì Configuration API for all features
for RMM/PSA integration
Ì Discover Mode (TAP mode) for seamless integration for
trials and PoCs with support for Synchronized Security
Ì Full-featured centralized management with
Sophos Firewall Manager available as a
hardware, software, or virtual appliance
Ì Easy streamlined setup wizard to enable quick out-
of-the box deployment in just a few minutes

Base Firewall

General Management

Ì Purpose-built streamlined user interface and firewall
rule management for large rule sets with grouping with
at-a-glance rule feature and enforcement indicators
Ì Two-clicks-to-anywhere navigation
Ì Advanced trouble-shooting tools in
GUI (e.g., Packet Capture)
Ì High Availability (HA) support clustering two
devices in active-active or active-passive mode.
Ì Full command-line-interface (CLI) accessible from GUI
Ì Role-based administration
Ì Automated firmware update notification with easy
automated update process and roll-back features
Ì Reusable system object definitions for
networks, services, hosts, time periods,
users and groups, clients and servers
Ì Self-service user portal
Ì Configuration change tracking
Ì Flexible device access control for services by zones
Ì Email or SNMP trap notification options
Ì SNMP and Netflow support
Ì Central managment support from Sophos Firewall
Manager or Sophos Cloud Firewall Manager


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Marke Sophos
Model XN553CTAA
Produkte Software-Lizenzen und Erweiterung
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Anzahl Benutzerlizenzen 1 Lizenz(en)
Lizenzterm 36 Monat( e)
Software-Typ Erneuerung
Kompatibilität XG 550
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