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This section is intended to help you to connect, to the console, the external
equipment which you need. It also identifies all of the user-definable options which
are available and gives the location of the links involved.

Connections And Connectors

Although this may seem to be a simple subject, faulty connectors and cabling are
the source of most sound system problems. Correctly-made cables of the proper
type will ensure peak performance from your console.
Three different types of connectors are used on your console: 3-pin XLR,
" 3-pole
jack sockets and D-type connectors. It is recommended that low-profile D-type
connectors are used: there is a risk that high-profile types may foul the backs of
meters etc. in the meterbridge.
Note: The Module Descriptions sections of this manual give details of the type and
gender of the chassis mounted connectors.
The following diagram shows details of the first two types.
/4" A’ Gauge Stereo Jack Plug used as balanced outputs/inputs,
Aux and Effects Returns
/4" A’ Gauge Stereo Jack Plug used for stereo outputs,
Headphones and Monitors
The following pages give details of all of the connectors which are not covered by
the above diagram.

12 Applications

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