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The Series 10 is a fully modular mixing console for local radio stations and smaller
self-operated studios of national broadcasters. The system has been designed to
accommodate the individual requirements of a station by providing flexibility and
a choice of configurations.
The Series 10 is available in a 24 module-width frame with a capacity of 20 input
channels (12 if fitted with a script space, the script space is 8 modules wide; or 14
if a 6-modules-width script blank is fitted) and a 32 module-width frame where
more input channels are required. Note that the script tray is a dished compartment
whereas the script blank is a flat plate on the same plane as the console panel.
Three types of input module are available:

Mono Input Module

Each module may be used for Mic/Line inputs. The module can be supplied with
or without a 3-band fixed frequency EQ section.

Telco (Telephone Communication) module

In addition to outputting signals to the programme, each module provides for on
and off-air telephone conversations with the Presenter, Guests or Producer. The
module can be supplied with or without a 3-band fixed frequency EQ section.

Stereo Module

Each module accepts one of two switch-selectable stereo sources. One is the normal
source, such as a CD player or cart. machine, which is hard wired to the multipin
connector. The other may be an alternative or temporary source which is connected
via XLR connectors. There are also connections for the remote operation of Start
& Stop relays for both of the sources. The module can be supplied with or without
a 3-band fixed frequency EQ section.
All inputs are fitted with peak signal detection to alert the operator to any impending
headroom problems which could cause unwanted distortion.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are provided for cue lights and also ’on-air’ lights for local and
distant mics, and there are remote controls for cough muting and talkback routing.
Remotes are provided for telephone hybrid control and for on-board talkback to
cleanfeed. Off-air communication with the Caller can be set up from the Operator
or the Producer. Stereo and mono modules (in line mode) have remote outputs for
machine start and stop/re-cue.

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