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BedienungsanleitungSoundcraft Spirit Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero has been designed by audio guru Trevor Stride, the man behind the acclaimed Absolute 2 monitor.Trevor has over 15 years of audio design experience behind him, working for a number of theindustry’s leading names, includingSSL and Focusrite.Trevor’s design philosophy behind the Absolute Series isdeceptively simple:• Any professional monitor should exhibit an evenfrequency response at high and low levels, on and off axis; • it should have the most natural, uncoloured soundpossible, whatever the price level;• it should not exagerate or enhance sound;• it should not cause listening fatigue (often arisingfrom the inappropriate use of driver materials thatproduce spurious resonances masking the monitor'strue sound); • it should be reliable in prolonged, professional use.To satisfy these criteria, Trevor has scrutinised everyelement of Absolute Zero’s design to optimise itsperformance.
The sturdy, vented cabinet design complements
the 170mm low-frequency driver to give smooth,
extended bass response and the soft-dome
tweeter is mounted in a proprietary waveguide to
ensure controlled dispersion.
In the tradition of all good monitors, the wide
frequency response remains even at all listening
levels, both on and off axis - so you can be
assured of consistent, dependable results
every time. Furthermore, special attention has
been paid to the impulse response of the system
in order to give the most natural, uncoloured
sound possible.
Absolute Zero offers superb all-round
performance, is remarkably versatile and comes
at a price that is truly affordable.

Absolute Zero

Any studio monitoring
Video edit/
post-production suites
Small venue sound
Hifi/AV systems
Absolute Zero at Roundhouse Studios, London


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Spirit Absolute Zero
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