Sylvania SRM910-33ECN

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    ElEctric FirEplacE HEatEr
    Model: SRM910-33ECN
    iMpOrtaNt: plEasE NOtE wHEN yOu OpEN tHE cartON carEFully
    cHEck tHE uNit aNd MakE surE tHErE is NO daMagE. iF yOu
    HavE aNy prOblEMs witH assEMbliNg tHE uNit, witH HOw tHE
    variOus FuNctiONs wOrk Or witH daMagE Or MissiNg parts
    plEasE call 1-800-459-4409 (Est) iMMEdiatEly FOr sErvicE.
    dO NOt rEturN uNit tO tHE stOrE bEFOrE calliNg tHE tOll FrEE
    Do not dispose of your cartons until you are completely satisfied with your new
    fireplace heater.
    NOTE: Light bulbs may become loose during shipping. If the flame effect is dim or
    does not work, please check that light bulb or bulbs are finger tight in socket. See
    instructions for replacing bulb or bulbs.
    1. Find a location for the fireplace heater that is protected from direct sunlight.
    2. Do not plug the unit into the power outlet before reading all instructions.
    wHEN usiNg ElEctrical appliaNcEs, basic prEcautiONs sHOuld
    always bE FOllOwEd tO rEducE tHE risk OF FirE, ElEctric sHOck,
    aNd iNJury tO pErsONs, iNcludiNg tHE FOllOwiNg:
    1) Read all instructions before using this electric fireplace heater.
    2) This electric fireplace heater is hot when in use. To avoid burns, do not let bare
    skin touch hot surfaces. The grill directly in front of the heater outlet becomes
    hot during heater operation. Keep combustible materials, such as furniture,
    pillows, bedding, papers, clothes, and curtains at least 3 feet (0.9 m) away from
    the front of the unit and keep them away from the sides and rear.
    3) Extreme caution is necessary when any heater is used by, or near, children or
    individuals with disabilities and whenever the fireplace is left operating
    and unattended.
    4) Always unplug fireplace when not in use.
    5) Do not operate any electric fireplace with a damaged cord or plug or after the
    heater malfunctions, has been dropped or damaged in any manner.
    6) Do not use outdoors.
    7) This electric fireplace heater is not intended for use in bathrooms, laundry
    areas and similar indoor locations. Never locate heater where it may fall into a
    bathtub or other water container.
    8) Do not run cord under carpeting. Do not cover cord with throw rugs, runners, or
    similar coverings. Arrange cord away from traffic area and where it will not be
    tripped over.
    9) To disconnect fireplace, turn controls to off, then remove plug from outlet.
    10) Connect to properly grounded outlets only.
    11) Do not insert or allow foreign objects to enter any ventilation or exhaust open-
    ing as this may cause an electric shock or fire, or damage the heater.
    12) To prevent a possible fire, do not block air intakes or exhaust in any manner. Do
    not use on soft surfaces, like a bed, where openings may become blocked.
    13) A heater has hot and arcing or sparking parts inside. Do not use it in areas
    where gasoline, paint, or flammable liquids are used or stored.
    14) Use this fireplace heater only as described in this manual. Any other use not
    recommended by the manufacturer may cause fire, electric shock, or injury to
    15) Avoid the use of an extension cord because the extension cord may overheat
    and cause a risk of fire. However, if you have to use an extension cord, the cord
    shall be No.16AWG minimum size and rated not less than 1875 watts.
    16) Caution: Do not plug this product into a receptacle controlled by a wall switch
    or dimmer.
    17) When storing or transporting the unit and cord, keep in a dry place, free from
    excessive vibration and store so as to avoid damage.
    iF yOu usE tHis HEatEr iN cONJuNctiON witH a tHErMal cONtrOl, a
    prOgraM cONtrOllEr, a tiMEr Or aNy OtHEr dEvicE tHat switcHEs
    tHE HEatEr ON autOMatically, rEMEMbEr tO ObsErvE all saFEty
    warNiNgs at all tiMEs. tHE FirEplacE HEatEr Has saFEty OvErHEat
    prOtEctiON. iF tHE OvErHEat prOtEctiON trips, switcH OFF all
    switcH buttONs aNd wait apprOxiMatEly 5 -10 MiNutEs. it sHOuld
    rEsEt autOMatically ONcE tHE uNit cOOls dOwN.
    Procedures and techniques if not carefully followed will result in damage to the
    equipment and will expose the user to the risk of serious injury, illness or death.
    This electric fireplace heater is for use on 120 volts. The cord has a plug as shown
    at A in illustration below. An adapter as shown at C is available for connecting
    three-blade grounding-type plugs to two-slot receptacles. The green grounding
    plug extending from the adapter must be connected to a permanent ground such
    as a properly grounded outlet box. The adapter should not be used if a three-slot
    grounded receptacle is available.
    A 15 AMP circuit is required to operate this heater. If the breaker trips when the
    heater is used then you may need to move the heater to another location or unplug
    other appliances that are on the same circuit. If you require an extension cord use
    one that is rated at 1875 watts.
    SYLVANIA is a registered trademark of OSRAM SYLVANIA, used under license.
Sylvania SRM910-33ECN

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Marke Sylvania
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Produkte Kamin
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