Techno Line WS6650

Techno Line WS6650 Bedienungsanleitung

  • WS6600 Desktop Weather Station
    Instruction Manual
    This desktop weather station comes with barometric weather prediction, clock, calendar,
    indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity display. It is battery powered with AC
    charger. It is recommended to use the AC charger at all times.
    Fig. 1 Front view Fig. 2 Back view
    1. SNOOZE/ LIGHT button
    2. HISTORY button
    3. MODE/ SET button
    4. -/ RCC button
    5. +/ C/ F button
    6. CHANNEL button
    7. MAX/ MIN button
    8. Battery compartment
    9. DC line in jack
    General notes:
    1. It is recommended to set up the remote temperature sensor before setting up the
    weather station/ clock. See “Configuring Remote Temperature Sensor(s)”
    for more information. Batteries and AC adapter should be used together.
    2. Please note all other clock/ weather station settings seize to function when the
    clock is in RCC synchronization mode. See RCC Synchronization for
    additional information.
    3. During initial installation, the temperature and humidity sensor may take up to an
    hour or more to acclimatize to current conditions.

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