Techno Line WS7079S

Techno Line WS7079S Bedienungsanleitung

    Instructions Manual
    Congratulations on purchasing this Weather Station with wireless 433 MHz
    transmission of outdoor temperature and display of indoor temperature and
    humidity, weather forecast icons and weather tendency indicators. It is further
    featuring a DCF-77 radio controlled clock with calendar display, and four easy to
    use function keys, this innovative product is ideal for use in the home or office.
    1. First, insert the batteries into the Weather station (see “How to install and
    replace batteries in the Weather Station” below). Once the batteries are
    in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly. Following some test
    data display, the indoor temperature and humidity, the time as 0:00 the
    date as 1.1. and the weather icons sun and clouds will be displayed. If the
    indoor temperature and humidity are not displayed after 30 seconds,
    remove the batteries and wait for at least 10 seconds before reinserting
    them. Once the indoor data is displayed proceed to step 2.
    DCF-77 Radio controlled time with manual setting options
    Time reception ON/OFF
    12/24 hour display
    Hour and minute display, seconds indicated by flashing dot
    Time zone option ±12hours
    Date and month calendar display
    Weather forecasting with 3 weather icons and weather tendency indicator
    Weather forecasting icon sensitivity setting
    Temperature display in degrees Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) selectable
    Indoor and outdoor temperature display with MIN/MAX recording
    Indoor humidity reading displayed as RH% with MIN/MAX recordings
    All MIN/MAX temperature recordings show date and time received
    All MIN/MAX recordings can be reset
    Indoor comfort level indicator - happy or sad face icons
    Can take up to three outdoor transmitters
    LCD contrast setting
    Low battery indicator
    Wall mounting or table standing
    Remote transmission of outdoor temperature to weather station by 433 MHz
    Wall mounting case
    Hanging Hole
    LCD Display
    2. Within 3 minutes of activating the Weather station, place the batteries into
    the transmitter (see “How to install and replace batteries in the
    Temperature Transmitter” below).
    3. After a few seconds of inserting the batteries into the transmitter, the
    Weather Station will start receiving data from the transmitter. The remote
    temperature will then be displayed on the Weather Station. If this does not
    happen after 15 minutes, the batteries will need to be removed from both
    units and reset from step 1.
    4. The Weather Station can take up to 3 remote transmitters. If you have
    purchased additional transmitters, follow step 2 for all extra transmitters.
    However, ensure that you leave 10 seconds in between the reception of
    the last transmitter and the set-up of the following transmitter. The Weather
    Station will number the transmitters in the order of set-up, i.e. the first
    transmitter will have the temperature displayed with the number 1 against it
    and so on.
    5. When all the transmitters are set up, there is a testing period, during which
    the display switches quickly between all the received transmitters at
    random, according to which random transmission it receives. Pressing any
    key will stop this process. The process also stops automatically if no keys
    are pressed for a few minutes.
    6. Once the remote temperature has been received and is displayed on the
    Weather Station, the DCF-77 time code reception is automatically started.
    This takes typically between 3 - 5 minutes in good conditions. This time
    period is an excellent opportunity to locate the transmitter(s) in suitable
    location(s) outdoors. In order to ensure sufficient 433 MHz transmission
    however, this should under good conditions be no more than 25 meters
    from where the Weather Station will be finally positioned (see notes on
    Positioning” and “433 MHz Reception”).
    Keys Battery Cover

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