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BedienungsanleitungTecLime TWM-1400/7
- Power plug must match the socket and cabinet must be properly and effectively earthed.
- Do not use multi-purpose plug or socket as extension cord.
- Do not connect and pull out plug with wet hand.
- When connecting and pulling out the plug, hold the plug tightly and then pull it out. Do not pull
power cord forcibly.
- If power cord is damaged or has any sign of being broken, special power cord must be selected
or purchased from its manufacturer or service center for replacement.
1.This machine must be earthed properly. If there is any short circuit, earthing can reduce the
danger of electrical shock. This machine is equipped with power cord, which includes plug, earth
wire at the earth terminal.
2.Washing machine shall be operated in a circuit separate from other electrical appliances.
Otherwise, power protector may be tripped or fuse may be burned out.

4. Operation

Checklist and Preparation before Washing Clothes
Please read this operation method carefully to avoid the troubles of washing machine and
damages of clothes. Check if the first-washed clothes will bed decolorized. After a white towel
touched with liquid detergent is used to wash the invisible corners of the clothes, check if the
white towel is stained with clothes' original color. As for the
scarves and those clothes that easily get decolorized among
imported clothes, please wash them separately before washing.
As for the stains on sleeves, collars and pockets, use the liquid
detergent and wash it with brush gently. Finally put them into
the washing machine to achieve more ideal washing effects.
As for temperature-sensitive clothes, they shall be washed as
required in the labels. Otherwise, it may cause color change or
Keep in Mind:
Never put the clothes to be washed in washing machine for a long period of time.
Otherwise it may get moldy and cause spots. Therefore, please wash the clothes in time.
The clothes also may get color changed or distorted if they are not washed according to the
stated washing temperature.
Clothes that can not be washed by washing machine
The clothes that may get distorted if being immersed in water:
Ties, waistcoats, western-style clothes, outer garments etc. may have obvious shrinkage if being
immersed in water; the decolorized clothes such as blended spinning clothes of artificial fiber
Wrinkle-style clothes, embossed clothes, resin clothes etc. may get distorted when being
immersed in water. Among cotton and wool materials, the clothes that are easily distorted are
wrinkle-style silk, fur products and fur decorations;
Clothes with decoration, long dress and traditional clothes etc. are the products to get
decolorized easily.
Please do not wash the clothes without material labels and washing requirements.
Never wash the clothes stained with the chemicals such as gasoline, petroleum, benzene, paint
thinner and alcohol.
Please pay attention with regard to detergents
“Low bubble” detergent or washing powder or washing powder special for drum washing
machine shall be selected according to fiber types (cotton, synthetic fiber, soft products and
wool products), colors, washing temperatures, dirty degrees and types. Otherwise, excessive
bubbles may be generated and overflowed out of the drawer so that accidents may take place.
Bleacher belongs to alkali type and can damage clothes, so it is suggested to use as little
as possible.

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Hallo! Gibt es die Bedienungsanleitung der Waschmaschine TecLime TWM-1400 / 7 auch auf deutsch? Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

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Maschine zeigt Fehler e61 an

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Unsere Waschmaschine zeigt den Fehler E61 an.Weiß jemand was das sein könnte?Gruß Petra

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