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BedienungsanleitungTecLime TWM-1400/7
Powder detergents can easily leave the residues in the clothes to generate the bad smell, so they
shall be sufficiently rinsed.
Detergent cannot easily get dissolved completely if there is too much detergent or water
temperature is rather low. It can remain in clothes, pipes and washing machines to pollute the
Washing shall follow the weight of clothes, dirty degrees, local water hardness as well as the
recommendations from the detergent manufacturers. Please consult the water company if you
are not clear of water hardness.
Keep detergents and additives in safe and dry places out of touch by kids.
Checklist and Preparation before Washing Clothes
Please take out the items out of the pockets.
Please check the pockets of the clothes to be washed, empty the
rigid items such as decorations and coins, otherwise washing
machine may be damaged or have abnormal troubles.
For the clothes to be washed, they are classified according to the
following characteristics:
The symbol types of care labels: the clothes to be washed are
classified into cotton, blended fiber, synthetic fiber, silk, wool and
artificial fiber
Color: White and colorful colors shall be identified. All new colorful articles shall be washed in a
separate way.
Size: The articles of different sizes are washed together to increase the washing effects.
Sensitivity: Soft articles shall be washed separately. As for new pure wool textiles, curtains and
silks, the soft washing procedure shall be selected. Check the labels in all washing articles.
The clothes shall be sorted before being put into washing machine. As for the curtains with
hooks, the hooks shall be removed before being washed.
The decorations on the clothes may damage the washing machine. As for the clothes with
buttons or embroideries, they shall be turned over before being washed.
Clean up fasteners:
Zips shall be zipped close and buttons or hooks shall be fixed. The loose band or ribbon shall be
bound together.
It is suggested to put bras into the pillow slip with zip or buttons
sealed to prevent the steel wire from popping out of bras into the
drum and damaging the machine.
Especially delicate textiles such as laced curtains, straight jackets,
small articles (tight socks, handkerchiefs, ties etc.) shall be put into
string bag for washing.
When washing a single big and heavy dress such as Turkish
towels, jeans, wadded jackets etc. it may easily cause great
eccentricity and give alarm due to great unbalance. Therefore it is
suggested to add one or two more clothes to be washed together
so that draining can be done smoothly.
Clean away dusts, stains and pet hairs from the clothes.
The clothes may be damaged and disturb washing effects during the friction between dusts,
stains and clothes.

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