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BedienungsanleitungTeklynx Labelview 9.1 Basic

Discovering the interface

Description of the main window

This section presents a general overview of the main interface elements as they appear in the main window at
the beginning of a work session.
The Menu Bar
The Menu bar contains the following options: File, Edit, View, Objects, Data Sources, Tools, Window, and
To open a menu
1. Select th
e men
2. Choose the command of your choice.
Note: To access a command using the keyboard, use the hot keys. Press ALT plus the letter underlined in the
menu name or the command name.
The Workspace
The workspace is the central part of the window, situated between the graduated rulers and the scroll bars. It
contains a frame that sets the physical limits of the document and contains the objects to be printed, as well as
a non-printable area for inserting comments and objects you do not want to print.
The Document
When you open a new session, the program displays a frame in the top left corner of the window. This frame
represents the physical limits of the document to be printed. Place objects inside this frame to create your
The Status Bar
Located at the bottom of the window, the Status bar displays the name of the selected printer, the port it is
connected to, the x and y coordinates of the mouse pointer, and the cx and cy dimensions of the selected
The Toolbars
These tools allow you to execute routine tasks more quickly than using the menus.

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