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BedienungsanleitungTesy BelliSlimo Cloud 100
1. This technical description and instructions manual was prepared in order to acquaint you with the product and the conditions of proper
installation and use. These instructions were also intended for use by qualied technicians, who shall perform the initial installation, or
disassembly and repairs in the event of a breakdown.
2. Following the current instructions will primarily be of interest to the consumer, but along with this, it is also one of the warranty conditions,
pointed out in the warranty card, so that the consumer can benet from the free warranty services. The producer is not responsible for damages
in the appliance that have appeared as a result of operation and/or installation not corresponding to the instructions here.
3. The electric water heater complies with the requirements of
EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-21.
4. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack
of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand
the hazards involved.
5. Children shall not play with the appliance.
6. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
Attention! Improper installation and connection of the appliance may make it hazardous for the health and life of consumers. It may cause
grievous and permanent consequences, including but not limited to physical injuries and/or death. Improper installation and connection of the
appliance may also lead to damage to the consumers’ property /damage and/ or destruction/, or to that of third persons, as a result of, but not limited to
ooding, explosion and/or re.
Installation, connection to the main water and power supply, and putting into operation must be carried out by certied electricians and technical personnel certied
in installation of this category of appliances, who have obtained their license in the state where the installation and commissioning of the appliance are carried out,
and in compliance with its local legislation.
All alterations and modications to the water heater’s construction and electrical circuitry are forbidden. If such alterations or modications are established
during inspection, the appliance’s warranty shall be null and void. Alterations and modications shall mean each instances of removal of elements
incorporated by the manufacturer, building in of additional components into the water heater, replacement of elements by similar elements unapproved by the
1. The water heater must only be mounted in premises with normal re resistance.
2. In the event the device is mounted in a bathroom, the selected location must exclude the possibility of water spray contact from the showerhead
or portable showerhead attachment.
3. The water heater is designed to operate only in closed and heated premises where the temperature is not lower than 4°C and it is not designed
to operate in a continuous protracted regime.
4. When mounted on a wall - the device is suspended by means of the M8 bolts attached to the housing, which are installed on brackets pre-mounted and
levelled with the wall. The load-bearing brackets and dowels for wall mounting are included in the kit.
Water heater connection
1. The appliance is intended to supply hot water to household sites equipped with a piping system working at pressure below 6 bar (0,6 Mpa).
2. .
The safety return-valve must be mounted on the cold water supply pipe, in observance of the direction arrow stamped on its body, indicating the incoming
water’s direction. Additional stopcocks must not be mounted between the safety return-valve and the water heater.
Exception: If the local regulations (norms) require the usage of another protection valve or mechanism (in accordance with EN 1487 or EN 1489), then it must
be bought additionally. For mechanisms operating in accordance with EN 1487 the announced operational pressure must be no more than 0.7 MPa. For other
protection valves, the pressure at which they are calibrated must be 0.1 MPa lower than the one marked on the appliance’s sign. In these cases the safety valve
which the appliance is supplied with should not be used.
3. The safety valve and the pipe between the valve and the water heater must be protected from freezing. During hose draining - its free end
must be always open to the atmosphere (not to be immersed). Make sure that the hose is also protected from freezing.
4. In order to secure the water heater’s safe operation, the safety return-valve must undergo regular cleaning and inspections for normal
functioning /the valve must not be obstructed/, and for the regions with highly calcareous water it must be cleaned from the accumulated lime
scale. This service is not provided under warranty maintenance.
5. In order to prevent injury to user and third persons in the event of faults in the system for providing hot water, the appliance must be
mounted in premises outtted with oor hydro insulation and plumbing drainage. Don’t place objects, which are not waterproof under the
appliance under any circumstances. In the event of mounting the appliance in premises not outtted with oor hydro insulation, a protective
tub with a plumbing drainage must be placed under the appliance.
6. During operation – regime of heating the water – water drops through the drainage opening of the protection valve are usual. The protection
valve should be left open to the atmosphere. Measures should be taken to lead and collect the leakages in order to prevent damages.
7. If the probability exists for the premises temperature to fall below 0°С, the water heater must be drained.
In the event you must empty the water heater, rst you must cut o its power supply. The inow of water from the water mains must rst be
terminated and the hot water tap of the mixing-faucet must be opened. The water tap 7 (g 5) must be opened to drain the water from water
tank. If there is no such tap build in the pipe line, than the water can be drain directly from inlet pipe of water tank after when you disconnect it
from water main.
Connection to the electrical network
1. Do not switch on the water heater unless you established it was lled with water..
2. Upon connecting the water heater to the electric mains care must be taken to connect the safety lead.
3. Models without power cord
the circuit has to be supplied with a safety fuse (16A) and with inbuilt device to ensure disconnection of all pole pieces in
the conditions of over-voltage from category III
4. If the power supply cord (of models that have one) is damaged, it must be replaced by a service representative or a person with similar
qualication, to avoid any risk.
5. Т
he power supply conductor insulation from xed wiring must be protected from direct contact with the ange (in zone under the plastic panel). For
example, insulating sleeving having temperature rating higher than 90 °C can be used
6. During the heating the appliance could produce a hissing noise (the boiling water). This is common and does not indicate any damage. The
noise gets higher with the time and the reason for this is the accumulation of limestone. To remove the noise the appliance must be cleaned from
limestone. This type of cleaning is not covered by the warranty.
Dear Clients,
The TESY team would like to congratulate you on your new purchase. We hope that your new appliance shall bring more comfort to your home.

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