Thule ClipOn 9104

Thule ClipOn 9104 Bedienungsanleitung

  • 9103/910300 9104/910400
    ClipOn 9103, 9104
    Rear Mount System
    Upper tubular frame with two
    associated sheet steel hooks.
    Lower tubular frame with two
    adjustable tubular leg hooks.
    Eccentric handle for clamping
    in place. "Rubber cradles" with
    retaining straps for bikes and
    extra straps for securing the
    Powder-coated tubes of galvani-
    zed sheet steel. Hooks of pebax-
    treated steel.
    Mounting, etc.:
    Assemble the product according
    to enclosed mounting instruc-
    tions. Very easy to use, three-step
    1) Hook in the top hooks (see
    the Thule buying guide for hook-
    mounting holes).
    2) Hook in the bottom hooks (ad-
    justment by screw thread).
    3) Clamp in place using the ec-
    centric handle.
    Can carry up to three bikes.
    Patented snap mounting for
    simple securing to the luggage
    compartment lid.
    Simple mounting in three steps
    and convenient securing by
    means of quick fastener.
    Very simple to refi t when the
    holder has been fi nally ad-
    justed. Just clip it into place.
    Quick release handle to easily
    tilt/fold product.
    Rubber frame-holder that pro-
    tects the bikes.
    All parts that come into con-
    tact with the car paintwork are
    coated with a protective plastic
    Not suitable for cars with rear
    spoilers or plastic frames
    around read door etc.
    • Patented Thule design.
    9110, 9111, 9112, 9113 (see Thule Buying Guide)
    Bike Frame Adapter 982
    Locking wire 538
    Light board 975
Thule ClipOn 9104

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Marke Thule
Model ClipOn 9104
Produkte Fahrradträger
EAN 7313020044033
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch, Holländisch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Portugiesisch
Dateityp PDF