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M30 & M50 TREADMILL OWNERS MANUAL / 800.426.6570 / 636.272.7100
Frank Trulaske, founder and CEO of TRUE, has had the same simple philosophy of delivering superior products, service
and support for over 30 years. Today, TRUE is the global leader in premium cardio equipment for the commercial and
residential markets. Our goal is to be the leader in technology, innovation, performance, safety and style. TRUE has
received many awards for its commercial and retail product over the years and remains the benchmark for the industry.
Fitness facilities and consumers invest in TRUE products for their durable commercial platforms used in all its cardio
products, both commercial and residential alike.
The proud manufacturing tradition of quality and the culture of innovation at TRUE have given rise to a full line of
truly extraordinary treadmills, indoor cycles and elliptical cross-trainers. As a result, people all over the world are
benefiting from the TRUE experience. Innovation across the full product line has made TRUE successful and is a
trademark of the TRUE heritage. TRUE’s patented Heart Rate Control® technology is just one of the remarkable ways
we deliver simple and superior performance every user can enjoy, and most importantly, use to achieve personal health
and fitness goals.
TRUE strives to perfect biomechanically correct and orthopedically comfortable, functional products. Whether it be the
mesh seat in the recumbent bike, the Soft Step® in the elliptical cross-trainers or the Soft System® in our treadmills, we
deliver the best.
At the heart of our success is the relentless and systematic life testing of both our products and their components. We
have dedicated employees who understand our philosophy is to deliver the best products in the world.
Our goal is not to sell the most cardio products in the world, but to deliver the world’s best premium equipment for our
customers’ health and fitness solutions.
To own a TRUE machine is to be part of an exclusive fitness community that delivers results your results.
Thank you for becoming a part of the TRUE experience.


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Wie viel sollte ich als Erwachsener pro Woche trainieren?

Als Erwachsener wird empfohlen, mindestens 2,5 Stunden pro Woche mit mäßiger Intensität zu trainieren. Vorzugsweise über mehrere Tage verteilt.

Was ist die maximale Herzfrequenz eines Erwachsenen?

Als Faustregel für Ihre maximale Herzfrequenz können Sie 220 minus Ihr Alter verwenden.

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