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BedienungsanleitungUni-T UT801
LCD Display
1. Manual Range Indicator of manual range
2. Warning
Indicator for Warning signal
3. The battery is low
4. Indicator for high voltage signal
5. Indicator for Negative reading
6. AC Indicator for AC voltage or current
( DC indicator do not display)
7. Data hold is active
8. Test of diode
9. The continuity buzzer is on
10. Number Indicates testing reading
11. Units of measurement:
General Specications
1. Maximum Voltage between terminal input and
COM: 1000V( except 200mV, 230V)
2. μA mA terminal input protection: (CE)250mA 265V
auto recovery fuse
3. 10A terminal input protection: (CE)F1 (10A H
250V) Fast type melted fuse Φ5x20mm
4. Resistance input protection: PTC/250V
5. Capacitance input protection: (CE)F2, F3 (0.5A H
250V) Fast type melted fuse Φ5x20mm
6. Frequency input protection: PTC/250V
7. Temperature input protection: (CE)250mA 265V
8. terminal input protection: PTC/250V
9. hFE input protection: (CE)250mA 265V auto
recovery fuse, F3 (0.5A H 250V) Fast type melted
fuse Φ5x20mm
10. Dis play: LCD full fu nctio n signal display,
maximum reading is 1999(UT801) , 19999(UT802)
Updates 2-3 times / second
11. Range: Manual
12. Polarity Display: Auto
13. Overload indication: 1
14. Battery Deciency:
15. Operating Temperature: 0
16. Storing Temperature: -10
17. Relative Humidity: 0
below ≤75%
18. Electromagnetic Field: Under 1V/m the inuence
of radiated radio-frequency electromagnetic field
phenomenon, Total accuracy= specific accuracy+
measurement 5%, Over 1V/m radiated radio-
frequency electromagnetic which do not have any
reference data on this topic.
19. Power: AC(external power adapter AC220V/
DC9V-200mA) or DC(internal battery type 2 R14/1.5V
6 pieces)
20. Product size: (300x245x105)mm
21. Product Net Weight : About1500g(without the
22. Safety Compaliances : IEC 61010: CAT
6. Do not overload voltage or current on EITHER
between terminal and terminal OR between terminal
and grounding which indicate on meter limitation.
7. The rotary switch should be placed in the right
position and no any changeover of range shall be
made during measurement is conducted to prevent
damage of the Meter.
8. Do not use or store the meter in an environment
of high temperature, humidity, flammable and
electromagnetic environment. The performance of
the meter may deteriorate after dampened.
9. The internal circuit of the meter shall not be
altered at will to avoid damage of the meter and any
10. Replace the battery as soon as the battery
indicator Appears. With a low battery, the
meter might produce false readings that can lead to
electric shock and personal injury.
11. Turn the meter off when it is not is use and take
out the battery when not using for a long time.
Operating Manual

Bench Type Digital Multimeters


Operating Manual

Digital Bench-Type Multimeter Model UT801 is the
maximum reading 1999 and 3 1/2 digits and UT802
is the maximum reading 19999 and 4 1/2 digits,
both models are in manual range, DC / AC current
type digital multimeter, This is also the extra large
characters in LCD display backlight with full function,
full measurement and full overload protection as well
as a good product design outlook, In addition to all
the conventional features include DC/AC voltage,
DC/AC current, resistance, frequency, capacitance,
Transistor hFE
di ode an d
continuity buzzer.
This operating manual covers information on
safety and cautions. Please read the relevant
information carefully and observe all the Warnings
and Notes strictly.
Unpacking Inspection
Open the package case and take out the Meter.
Check the following items carefully to see any missing
or damaged part. If you nd any missing or damage,
please contact your dealer in your country.
● Operating Manual 1 piece
● Test Lead 1 pair
Alligator Clip 1 pair
● K Type Temperature Probe 1 piece
( For the temperature under 230
● Multi-Purpose Socket 1 piece
● Power Cord 1 piece
(AC220V 50Hz DC9V/200mA)
Safety Information
Th is Me ter c omp lies wi th th e stand ard s
IEC61010-1 in pollution degree 2, overvoltage
category (CAT II 1000V) and double insulation. If you
can not follow up this operating instruction to use the
meter and it reduces the chance to have an using
1. Before using the Meter and Test Leads inspect
both items. Do not use the Meter and Test Leads
if it is damaged or the case (or part of the case) is
removed or no reaction on LCD display. Prohibited
to use the meter without housing or housing without
screw x up in order to avoid possible electric shock
or to avoid possible damage to the meter or to the
equipment under test.
2. If the damage of test leads, use only the same
model number or identical electrical specifications
replacement parts.
3. Do not use your finger to touch on any testing
cable, connector, unused terminal input or circuit
during the testing stage
4. When the meter working at an effective voltage
over 60V in DC or 30V rms in AC, special care should
be taken for there is danger of electric shock.
5. Selecting the correct terminal input and turn the
rotary switch to select the measuring function. In
case of no any idea on the value input of the current,
just simply test from the high value to low one.
Unit of Voltage: The millivolt, volt
Unit of current: Microampere, milliampere,
Unit of electrical resistance: Ohm, thousand
ohms, trillion ohm
Unit of electrical capacity: Accepts the farad,
the microfarad
Unit of Frequency: Kilohertz
Unit of Temperature: Degree Celsius Factor
Unit of Triode enlargement: Times
mV, V
μA, mA, A
Ω, kΩ, MΩ
Operational Measurement Guide (see Diagram 1, 2,
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 3
Symbol Terminal Input
COM DC Voltage Measurement
COM AC Voltage Measurement
COM Resistance Measurement
COM Diode / Continuity Buzzer
kHz V
COM Frequency Measurement
mA μA ←→ COM
mA/μA DC Current Measurement
ADCCurrent Measurement
mA μA ←→ COM
mA/μA AC Current Measurement
A AC Current Measurement
mA μA
Capacitance Measurement
(Use Multi-Purpose Socket)
mA μA
Temperature Measurement
(Use Multi-Purpose Socket)
mA μA Triode Enlargement Factor
(Use Multi-Purpose Socket)
Functional Buttons
Turn the power on and off Turn the display
backlight on and off(suitable for battery
supply, backlight turn on about 10 seconds
after auto shut down.)
Press Hold to enter and exit the hold mode
in any mode, the meter beeps.

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UT801 | UT801
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Technische Details
DC Spannungsrange0.2 - 1000 V
AC Spannungsrange2 - 1000 V
Kapazitätsreichweite20 - 200000 nF
Frequenzreichweite2 - 200 kHz
Temperaturmessbereich-40 - 1000 °C
Basic accuracy (AC Spannung)±(1.0%+3)
Basic accuracy (AC Spannung)±(0.8%+3)
Basic accuracy (Kapazität)±(4%+3)
Basic accuracy (DC Elektrizität)±(0.8%+2)
Basic accuracy (Frequenz)±(1.5%+5)
Basic accuracy (Widerstand)±(0.8%+3)
Basic accuracy (DC Spannung)±(0.5%+2)
Statistische FunktionMaximum, Minimum
ProdukttypDigitales Multimeter
Sonstige Funktionen
Abmessungen (BxTxH)300 x 245 x 105 mm
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht1500 g
Warnanzeige bei geringem LadestandJa
Akku-/Batteriespannung1.5 V
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