Uniden GMR2875-2CK

Uniden GMR2875-2CK Bedienungsanleitung

  • GMR2872-2CK/GMR2875-2CK
    *Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions.
    15 GMRS / 7 FRS Channels
    142 Privacy Codes (CTCSS Tone
    and DCS Code)
    Up to 28 Mile Range*
    Submersible design
    Direct Call
    143 Group Codes
    Silent Mode
    10 Selectable Call/Ring Tone Alerts
    Backlit LCD Display
    Roger Beep
    Vibrate Reminder
    (GMR2875 Only)
    1 Antenna
    2 PTT (Push-To-Talk) Button
    3 Power Boost Button
    4 Monitor Button
    5 Channel Up/Down Key
    6 Tone/Group Key
    7 D-call Key
    8 Menu/Power key
    9 Volume Up/Down key
    10 Enter/Lock Key
    11 Weather/Alert Key
    12 Microphone
    13 Speaker
    14 Battery Level Indicator
    15 Sub Code Indicator
    16 Alert Indicator
    17 Group Indicator
    18 Receive Indicator
    19 Call Indicator
    20 Channel Indicator
    21 Missed Call Indicator
    22 Charging Contacts
    Congratulations on your purchase of the Uniden
    GMR2872-2CK/GMR2875-2CK (General Mobile
    Radio Service) waterproof radio. This lightweight,
    palm-sized, radio is a state-of-the-art device,
    equipped with many valuable features. Use it at
    sporting events, to stay in contact with family and
    friends, hiking, skiing, outdoors, or in a
    neighborhood watch for vital communication - even
    outside by the pool!
    Your radio complies with JIS7 water-resistant
    standards, which means the radio can be
    submerged in 1.0 meters of water for 30
    minutes without damage.
    After your radio is submerged in water, you might
    notice that the sound is distorted. This is because
    there is still water remaining in and around the
    speaker and microphone. Just shake the radio to
    clear excess water, and the sound should return to
    Note: If your radio is exposed to salt water, clean
    your radio thoroughly with fresh water, and dry it
    before turning it on.
    Your package contains two radios, two rechargeable
    NiMH battery packs (#BP38), one AC adapter (#AD-
    314), one charging cradle (#RC1282), two belt clips
    and this reference guide. You can operate the unit
    using the rechargeable NiMH battery pack.
    To order the following optional accessories, visit our
    web site @www.uniden.com or call 1-800-554-3988
    during business hours.
    Use only Uniden accessories.
    • NiMH Battery Pack - #BP38
    • Charging Cradle - #RC1282
    • AC Adapter - #AD-314
    The radio operates on the General Mobile Radio
    Service (GMRS) frequencies when using
    Channels 1-7 and channels 15-22. You must
    have a GMRS license issued by the Federal
    Communications Commission to legally use
    these channels. For licensing information and
    application forms, visit the FCC online at: www.
    fcc.gov/wtb/uls or call the FCC hotline at 1-800-
    418-3676. If you have any questions, you can
    contact the FCC direct at 1-888-225-5322. No
    license is required for operation on channels
    8-14 or operation on any channel in Canada.
    Your radio uses a supplied NiMH battery pack.
    To install the NiMH battery pack:
    1) Make sure the radio is off.
    2) Turn the screw holding the battery compartment
    counterclockwise with a screwdriver, and hold
    up the battery cover.
    3) Put the NiMH battery pack in the battery
    compartment applying the battery contacts to
    the lower charge contacts. Be sure to follow the
    instructions written on the battery pack’s label.
    Installing the battery pack incorrectly will prevent
    the unit from operating.
    4) Before placing the battery cover back on the
    radio, check the rubber seal around the battery
    compartment and the ribbon of the battery pack
    : make sure that the seal is in good condition
    and that there is no foreign matter under the
    5) Replace the battery compartment door. Tighten
    the screws securely.
    Note: If the rubber seal appears warn, nicked, or
    dried out, replacement seals are available from
    www.uniden.com or call 1-800-554-3988 during
    business hours.
    This radio has a battery level meter that indicates
    the status of the batteries. When the battery level is
    low, the battery level meter icon flashes and
    then BATT appears after 30 seconds. Recharge
    the NiMH battery pack immediately.
    Warning! To avoid the risk of personal injury or
    property damage from fire or electrical shock, only
    use the Uniden accessories specifically designated
    for this product.
    GMR2872-2CK/GMR2875-2CK RADIO
    Your radio includes charging cradle and
    rechargeable battery packs. Follow these
    instructions to recharge the radios in a charging
    Make sure to turn the radio OFF before placing
    the radio in the charging cradle.
    Using the Charging Cradle
    1) Connect the adapter's plug to DC IN 9V jack of
    the charging cradle and plug the other end into
    an AC outlet.
    In order to get the most out of your new radio, read
    this reference guide completely before attempting to
    operate the unit.
    Turning the Radio On and Adjusting the Volume
    1) Press and hold the MENU/
    to turn the radio
    2) To change the volume level, press the
    VO or to increase or decrease the volume
    level then press ENTER/ .
    3) Press and hold the MENU/ to turn the radio
    Choosing a Channel
    Your radio has 22 channels and 142 Privacy codes
    you can use to talk to others. In order to speak to
    someone, both your radios must be set to the same
    channel and Privacy code.
    To choose a channel:
    Press CH
    or to increase or decrease the
    channel number displayed.
    To change the channel continuously, press
    CH or , then repeatedly press and hold
    CH or for more than 1 second.
    Note: Channels 1-7 and 15-22 have a typical range
    of up to 28 miles by pressing the Power Boost.
    HI is displayed when you select a GMRS channel,
    and LO is displayed when you select a FRS
    2) Set the charging cradle on the desk or tabletop,
    and place the radio in the charging cradle with
    the keypad facing forward.
    3) Make sure that the LED illuminates. Charge the
    battery pack for 16 hours and remove the radio
    from the charging cradle after charging.
    Charge time may vary depending on the battery
    life remaining.
    For fastest charging, turn off the radio before
    The charging cradle is not waterproof. If the
    charging cradle falls into water, unplug it before
    attempting to remove it from the water. Allow the
    cradle to dry completely before reconnecting the
    Wipe off dirt or shake water from your radio
    before placing in the charging cradle if your
    radio is soiled or wet.
    In order to use Group Mode you need to initialize
    a couple of settings in your radio:
    Set the radio to Group Mode
    Set a Group Code
    Set a Unit Number
    Set a "Nickname"
    Setting the Radio to Group Mode
    To set the radio to Group Mode, which enables
    Direct Call, Auto Channel Change and All Call,
    press and hold TONE/GROUP for 2 seconds. The
    radio displays GRP and group code.
    Note: In group mode, you cannot receive
    transmissions from other radios unless they are
    also set to the same channel and group code.
    Setting the Group Code
    Set the group code for your radio group from
    0-142. Everyone in your group must select the
    same group code in order to communicate with
    each other.
    1) Tap TONE/GROUP in group mode. Press
    or to select the group number.
    2) Press ENTER/ or TONE/GROUP to return to
    normal operation.
    Setting the Unit Number
    Each radio in your group needs to be set to a
    unique unit number, from 1-16.
    1) Press MENU/
    . Advance through the menu
    until UNIT appears, and then press ENTER/ .
    The current unit number flashes.
    2) Press CH or to select the desired unit
    3) Press ENTER/ to continue to the next
    Setting Your Nickname
    Your nickname appears on other units’ displays
    when you make a All Call or direct call. This is
    also the name that appears on other radio displays
    when someone wants to make a direct call to you.
    When no nickname is set, the unit number
    1) Press MENU/
    . Advance through the menu
    until UNIT appears, and then press ENTER/ .
    The current unit number flashes, then tap
    ENTER/ . The radio displays n
    - - - -
    (or your
    current nickname) with the first place in the
    nickname flashing.
    2) Press CH or to select the letter, then
    ENTER/ to advance to the next letter until you
    have entered your nickname.
    3) Press MENU/
    to confirm the setting and exit
    the menu.
    Using Group Mode
    Group mode lets you make direct calls to other
    people in your group without alerting the entire
    group and also lets you quickly change everyone in
    your group to another channel from a single radio.
    Before using group mode, follow the instructions in
    "Setting Up Group Mode" on every radio in your
    group. Then, to record the unit ID and everyone’s
    nickname in every radio, send a call to "All" from
    each radio one time (see "Sending a Direct Call").
    Sending a Direct Call
    Direct Call lets you call everyone in your group at
    once, or call a single person in your group without
    anyone else in the group knowing. It is like a
    "speed dial" directly to the person(s) you want to
    talk to.
    To call everyone in your group, press D CALL in
    group mode. The radio flashes ALL. Then, press
    D CALL or ENTER/
    . Everyone in your group
    receives a call "chirp" for about 3 seconds. When
    the chirp ends, begin your conversation.
    Note: When you make a direct call to "all," your
    radio also sends out your nickname or ID so that it
    will show up in the call list for everyone in your
    To call one person in your group, without having
    other people know, press D CALL in group mode.
    Then, use CH or to select the person you
    want to call and press D CALL or ENTER/ . Your
    radio sounds tones for 3 seconds as it sends the
    call. When the selected person answers, you can
    begin your conversation. You can silence the call
    tones at any time by pressing PTT or Power
    Your conversation remains private between you
    and the person you called until 15 seconds after
    your last conversation. Then, your radio
    automatically exits private mode.
    Automatically Changing Channels
    Auto Channel Change lets you easily coordinate a
    channel change for everyone in your group. You
    might want to do this when you find you are getting
    a lot of interference on your current channel. Or,
    you can use this feature to change from a low-
    power channel (8-14) to one of the high-powered
    channels (1-7, 15-22) if you need more range (or to
    a low-power channel if you need longer battery
    Use the radio in standard (not group) mode when
    you need to be able to communicate with radios
    that do not have the group feature.
    Choosing a Privacy Code
    You can select a Privacy Code from 1-142 for each
    channel. oFF (OFF) indicates no Privacy code
    selected and your radio can receive a signal
    regardless of the code settings of the transmitting
    1) Press TONE/GROUP. The Privacy code
    indicator flashes.
    2) Press CH
    or to increase or decrease the
    code. You can also select oFF.
    3) Press ENTER/ or TONE/GROUP to return to
    normal operation.
    Note: Only tones 1-38 are standard across radio
    brands. Other settings might differ from brand to
    brand. See the specifications for the specific tones
    used for each setting.
    Channel Scan Feature
    Your radio has a channel scan feature that lets you
    easily scan all 22 channels. When an active
    channel is detected, the radio pauses on that
    channel until the channel is clear. Then after a
    2-second delay, the radio resumes scanning.
    Pressing PTT or Power boost while the scan is
    paused on a channel lets you transmit on that
    To turn on channel scan:
    Press MENU/ . The radio displays SCAN, and
    then press ENTER/ .The channel number
    changes as the radio rapidly cycles through the
    To turn off channel scan:
    Press MENU/
    , PTT, Power boost, D CALL or
    Talking on Your Radio
    To talk to others using the radio:
    1) Press and hold PTT or Power boost and speak
    in a clear, normal voice about 2-3 inches away
    from the microphone. While you transmit, TXHI
    or TXLO appears on the display according to
    the type of channel. To avoid cutting off the first
    part of your transmission, pause slightly after
    pressing PTT or Power boost before you start
    2) When you finish speaking, release PTT or
    Power boost. You can now receive incoming
    calls. While receiving, RX appears on the
    Note: When you press Power boost, BOOS
    appear on the display. The radio transmits at
    maximum power when a GMRS channel is
    selected. If Power boost is continuously pressed,
    1 minute after you start pressing Power boost the
    transmission stops and you hear a boost timeout
    error tone.
    Monitor Mode Feature
    Your radio lets you listen for weak signals on the
    current channel at the press of a key.
    To turn on the Monitor Mode:
    For brief listening, press MON. MON appears
    and RX flashes.
    Press and hold MON for 2 seconds until two
    beeps sound for continuous listening. The
    receiver circuit stays open, so you hear both the
    noise and weak signals.
    To turn off Monitor Mode:
    Press MON to return to the previous mode. MON
    and RX disappear.
    Navigating through the Normal Menu
    To access the advanced features of your radio has
    a Menu function. In order to use Auto Channel
    Change, you need to set your radio to Group
    1) To enter the menu, press MENU/
    2) Additional presses of MENU/ advances you
    through the menu. After the last menu item, the
    radio exits to the previous mode.
    3) Other ways to exit the Menu function are:
    a. Press PTT, Power boost, MON, D CALL,
    b. Wait 10 seconds until the radio automatically
    returns to the previous mode.
    Setting Silent Mode
    When you turn on the silent mode, all incoming
    calls are muted: the radio flashes the display
    backlight, the channel indicator, SLNT and CALL
    to alert you to an incoming call. If you do not
    respond to the call within 15 seconds, the backlight
    turns off. The GMR2875 will also vibrate to remind
    you that you missed a call. Silent mode is disabled
    for 15 seconds when you transmit, receive, or
    press any other button.
    To set the silent mode:
    1) Enter the menu. Advance through the menu until
    the SLNT appears, then press ENTER/
    . The
    current setting flashes.
    2) Press CH to display on, then press ENTER/
    Note: To prevent unwanted silent alerts, be sure to
    use a Privacy code or group code whenever you
    use the Silent mode feature.
    You can hear the received voice when you turn on
    channel scan and an active channel is detected
    even during silent mode.
    Missed Call Alerts
    If you receive an incoming call while silent mode is
    on and do not respond, the radio will turn on the
    Missed Call icon. If you are using the Group Mode,
    the radio will also indicate the person who made
    the call.
    The GMR2875 will additionally remind you of a
    missed call by vibrating every minute after the call
    for 3 minutes.
    Power Boost Button for
    Maximum Range
    All Call
    Auto Channel Change Call
    Battery Charger
    Battery Level Meter
    Channel Monitor
    Channel Scan
    Group Scan
    Keypad Lock
    NOAA Emergency /
    Weather Channels
    Emergency Weather Alert
    To start an auto channel change, on any radio in
    the group tap MENU/ . Advance through the
    menu until CHCX appears, then press ENTER/ .
    The current channel flashes. Use CH or to
    select the target channel. You can check whether
    the selected channel is clear. Then press D CALL
    or ENTER/ .
    Your radio chirps for about 10 seconds while it
    sends out the channel change signal. As each
    radio receives the channel change signal, it chirps
    once, then changes to the new channel.
    To ensure all radios make it to the new channel,
    we recommend you:
    Make sure you are in an open environment,
    where the radio will get the best range.
    Optimize range during the channel change
    signal by raising the radio over your head to
    give the best possible height.
    Do a "roll call" on the new channel after the
    move to be sure no one was left behind. If you
    missed someone, return to the previous channel
    and issue the signal again.
    Transmitting a Call Tone
    Your radio is equipped with 10 selectable call tones
    that are transmitted when you press D CALL in
    standard mode. The selected tone will be also heard
    when someone places a direct call to you.
    To select a call tone:
    1) Enter the menu. Advance through the menu until
    CALL appears, then press ENTER/
    . The
    current call tone number (1-10) flashes.
    2) Press CH or to increase or decrease the
    number to the desired call tone. Each tone will be
    heard through the speaker.
    To transmit the selected call tone, press D CALL.
    The selected tone is transmitted for a fixed length of
    time. Call Tone is cancelled if you press PTT or
    Power boost.
    Roger Beep
    Roger beep is a beep that is sent to notify the end
    of transmission. You can hear the roger beep can
    be heard through the speaker when both roger beep
    and Beep Tone are on. When roger beep is on and
    Beep Tone is off, you do not hear the roger beep,
    but it is transmitted to your party.
    To adjusting the roger beep, enter MENU/
    Advance through the menu until RGR appears, then
    press ENTER/ . The current setting flashes.
    To turn OFF roger beep:
    Press CH
    to display oF, then press ENTER/ .
    To turn ON roger beep:
    Press CH
    to display on, then press ENTER/ .
    Adjusting the Sound (Beep Tone)
    Your radio sounds a beep each time you press a
    key (except for PTT and Power boost).
    To adjusting the sound, enter MENU/
    . Advance
    through the menu until TONE appears, then press
    ENTER/ . The current setting flashes.
    To turn OFF this beep:
    Press CH to display oF, then press ENTER/ .
    To turn ON this beep:
    Press CH to display on, then press ENTER/ .
    Key Lock
    Press and hold the ENTER/
    until the LOCK
    To exit Keylock on mode, press and hold ENTER/
    While in keylock on mode, you can still use the
    radio to receive transmissions, use D CALL in
    Standard mode, VO or , PTT, Power
    boost, MON, and MENU/ to turn on or off the
    UT042ZH_GMR2875-2CK_0714_1149.indd 1UT042ZH_GMR2875-2CK_0714_1149.indd 1 7/14/2009 12:02:51 PM7/14/2009 12:02:51 PM
Uniden GMR2875-2CK

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