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Vasco Digipass Plug-In Novell NMAS
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BedienungsanleitungVasco Digipass Plug-In Novell NMAS


This document shows you how Novell IChain and NMAS optimizes its authentication by
integrating VASCO Digipass for strong user authentication and offering several secure web
and RADIUS access solutions.

Situation – Description

As electronic connectivity, where hackers, viruses, electronic eavesdropping and fraud can
threaten the communication, productivity and prosperity of business and individuals,
advanced network authentication-based solutions are becoming a necessary component in
corporate security policies.
Advanced network authentication lessens the threat of intrusion by requiring the users to
provide stronger authentication credentials and by allowing for the creation of multi-factor
login sequences.
Ideally, advanced authentication methods should be managed in a complementary advanced
authentication framework that supports the access of network resources. In addition, the
framework should be secure enough so that information accessed through one form of
authentication cannot be moved to a network area requiring a different form of
To be more specific: we need access to our resources stored on the server at the headquarter
at any time from anywhere with maximum of security.


Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) adds value to authentication while IChain
offers the flexibility of connecting over several frameworks without requiring a different form
of authentication. VASCO Digipass adds value to this structure by requiring a non-static
password. Digipass enables users to create a one-time-password (OTP) that safeguard access
to e-business and banking applications, to corporate networks. With a combination of
information that a user needs to remember and information he gets, like a one time password,
you eliminate the weakest link in any security infrastructure. NMAS has a built-in VASCO
Digipass Authentication Module which verifies the OTP before granting access to secured
resources. Using Digipass Strong User Authentication with Novell NMAS and ICHAIN 3


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