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Vasco Digipass Plug-In Novell NMAS
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BedienungsanleitungVasco Digipass Plug-In Novell NMAS
Digipass Pro 700 offers sophisticated and yet user-friendly strong authentication services
with extended digital signature capability.
Digipass Pro 800 is used by several top tier banking institutions
worldwide and is strongly appreciated by the banks and their clients for securing full
access to financial applications on the existing banking network via an existing smart card,
in a flexible, easy to use and cost-effective way.

Digipass GO:

Digipass GO can be used Anywhere, Anyhow and Anytime. It is e-security that fits in your
pocket, clips on your belt, hangs around your neck, on a key ring.
Digipass GO 1 is the first-born in the "GO" range. GO 1 is an ultra-portable, smoothly
designed token that outsmarts all others and is much safer than any static password.
Digipass GO 10 is a software Digipass for GSM's, integrated on the SIM card.

Digipass Desk:

The Desk-range contains highly user friendly Digipass models to be used on a professional's
Digipass Desk 300 is a large-scale security device designed for managers and executives. It
features remote access and authentication features and its larger size makes it very suitable
for use in the office.
Digipass Desk 850 can future-proof an existing smart card system, increase a network’s
security and leverage investment in a public key infrastructure (PKI) solution. This
advanced e-wallet/PKI device provides ultimate versatility and security, supporting strong
authentication and e-signatures for the customers authorized to carry your smart cards.
Digipass Desk 3000 is a software Digipass for laptop & desktop.
VACMAN product range
VACMAN Controller integrates smoothly into existing applications that require remote
VACMAN RADIUS Middleware enables strong authentication security without replacing or
redesigning your remote access solution(s).
VACMAN Server is a cross platform authentication engine designed to provide strong and
seamless user authentication and access control for remote, local and web-based users. The
product supports RADIUS, LAN and Web functionality.
VACMAN Server for RADIUS is a standard compliant server designed to provide AAA
services. Using Digipass Strong User Authentication with Novell NMAS and ICHAIN 32


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Marke Vasco
Model Digipass Plug-In Novell NMAS
Produkte Datenschutzsoftware
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Plattform PC
Kompatible Betriebssysteme Novell\nSUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10/Server 9/Server 10/Real Time 10/Netware
Unterstützte Sprachen Englisch
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