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Novell Components Description

Novell® Modular Authentication Service is an extensible security product that offers you an
easy way to centrally manage multiple authentication methods across your network. With
Novell Modular Authentication Service, you can implement stronger forms of authentication
and authorization to secure your critical corporate resources. While removing the complexity
of authentication to Novell eDirectory™, Novell Modular Authentication Service allows you
to create a variety of flexible security options. Novell Modular Authentication Service also
helps remove the administrative overhead involved with maintaining password information
throughout your organization.
With Novell Modular Authentication Service, users can authenticate to the network via
something they know (for example, a password), something they have (for example, a
Digipass), or something they are (for example, a fingerprint).
By supporting the leading smart card, proximity card, token, biometric and digital-certificate
vendors authentication products, Novell Modular Authentication Service provides a way to
centrally and easily manage your authentication methods. In addition to its administration
features, Novell Modular Authentication Service also offers graded authentication. With
graded authentication you can create a security policy that grants access to your file system or
directory resources based on the strength and combination of the authentication. For
example, you can create a method that requires a user to log in with a password, present a
valid smart card ID and successfully complete fingerprint identification. By including graded
authentication and support for various Novell and third-party authentication modules, Novell
Modular Authentication Service provides you with several security options and ensures that
your network will not be compromised by a carelessly handled password.


Novell® IChain® is an identity-based security product that controls access to application,
Web and network resources across technical and organizational boundaries. Novell iChain
separates security from individual applications and Web servers. This enables single-point,
policy-based management of authentication and access privileges throughout the Net. Novell
iChain optimizes eBusiness-application development by leveraging fine-grained security that
transcends firewalls. As a result, businesses can simplify Net access and security management,
based on users' identities. Businesses can also control the use of digital assets across the
extended enterprise and get more—faster—from investments in eBusiness applications.
With Novell iChain you can move your business online without sacrificing security. To
support your organization's transformation to eBusiness, Novell iChain includes the following
Customizable login pages
Multi-factor authentication Using Digipass Strong User Authentication with Novell NMAS and ICHAIN 5


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