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1. Introduction & Safety Prescriptions

To all residents of the European Union
Important environmental information about this product
This symbol on the device or the package indicates that disposal of the device after its lifecycle could harm
the environment.
Do not dispose of the unit (or batteries) as unsorted municipal waste; it should be taken to a specialized
company for recycling.
This device should be returned to your distributor or to a local recycling service.
Respect the local environmental rules.
If in doubt, contact your local waste disposal authorities.
Thank you for buying the DVM52IT! Please read the manual carefully before bringing this device into service.
The meter was designed according to IEC 348 and according to IEC-1010 concerning the safety requirements for
electronic measuring instruments with an overvoltage category (CAT II) and pollution 2. This manual contains a
number of safety prescriptions that must be followed to the letter. Read these instructions before using the device!!
Injury or death can occur even with low voltages and low current. Consequently it is extremely important that you
read these safety instructions before using your device. Follow all safety and operating procedures as described in
this manual.
Protect yourself against electroshocks.
Do not use this device for any other application than those described in this manual.
Make sure the device was not damaged in transit.
Make sure the insulation of the test leads is not damaged and/or the wire itself is not exposed.
Full compliance with safety standards can only be guaranteed if the device is used with the supplied test leads. If
necessary, they should be replaced with identical leads or leads with identical electric ratings. All test leads
should be in good working order.
Never exceed the specified limit values for the various measurement ranges.
Do not touch unused terminals when the meter is connected to a circuit.
Do not measure voltages > 1000V above earth ground.
Exercise extreme caution when working with voltages in excess of 60VDC or 30Vrms AC. Keep your fingers
behind the probe barriers while using the device.
Do not connect the leads to a voltage source while the function switch is in one of the following modes: insulation
resistance, resistance or continuity.
Never perform measurements on live circuits.
Disconnect all test leads from the circuit to be tested prior to selecting a different function or range.
Have the device checked by a qualified technician in case of malfunction.
Never use the meter if the back panel is not in place and firmly fixed.
Do not use or store the device in areas exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or high humidity.

2. Symbols

Important information with reference to safety, consult the manual!
Double insulation (Protection class II)


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Marke Velleman
Model DVM52IT | DVM52IT
Produkte Multimeter
EAN 5410329210847
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Technische Details
DC Spannungsrange 0 - 1000 V
AC Spannungsrange 0 - 700 V
Widerstandsreichweite 0 - 200 Ohm
Basic accuracy (AC Spannung) ± 1.2%
Basic accuracy (Widerstand) ± 1.0%
Basic accuracy (DC Spannung) ± 0.8%
Produkttyp Digitales Multimeter
Sonstige Funktionen
Abmessungen (BxTxH) 192 x 122 x 55 mm
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht 545 g
Display LED
Akkus/Batterien enthalten Ja
Warnanzeige bei geringem Ladestand Ja
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