Velleman LS12M130CWN Bedienungsanleitung

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V. 02 14/12/2015 1 ©Velleman nv
Technical manual
LED strips are a new generation of innovative lighting products that allow for creating spectacular
effects in an easy way. LED strips have other advantages: th e y have small dimensions, more
efficient energy consumption, saturated colours and are easy to control. As you will see, the
possibilities are too numerous to count.
Velleman nv offers a full range of LED strips and accessories. This overview will provide you with a
good idea of the possibilities and the solutions that suit your needs.
LED strips can be divided in 2 groups: flexible and rigid strips.
This tutorial and selection guide will only focus on the flexible LED strips, as they offer the most
Choosing Your LED Strip
LED type
The power voltage of the LED strip
o 12 V: considered as safety voltage and used frequently
o 24 V: has the advantage that ,with an equal cable diameter, the distance between the power
supply and LED strip can be larger
The number of LEDs on the LED strip
o The more LEDs, the less light spots
o The more LEDs, the better the light dispersion
The overall light intensity

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Marke Velleman
Model LS12M130CWN
Produkte Beleuchtung
EAN 5410329469603
Sprache Englisch
Produktgruppe Beleuchtungn
Dateityp PDF
Anzahl an Lampen 300
Leuchtmitteltyp LED
Lichtfarbe Kaltweiße
Farben Quantität -
Strahlungswinkel 120
Farbwiedergabeindex 80
Unterstützung von Positionierung Indoor
Typ -
Internationale Schutzart (IP-Code) IP61
Geeignet für Licht Typ -
Material der Beschichtung Polyurethan (PU)
ferngesteuert -
Stromverbrauch (in Betrieb) 18
Gewicht & Abmessungen
Breite 10
Länge (mm) 5000