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BedienungsanleitungVINCI VM-6910
Note: All the gures are for your reference only.
These may be different from the actual display
on your VINCI MV.


Connect the MicroUSB head from the
cable to the unit, arrow facing the back
Keep the connector straight.
Connect the USB end of the cable to the
charger plugged to the wall, or to your PC.
It takes about 4 hours to reach a full
Micro USB Connector

VINCI MV Model VM-6910

A Tablet Created for Families

With voice and data, to be shared for learning
and for fun - for you to Inspire the Genius in Your
If your SIM card comes with WCDMA 3G
Turn off the unit and open the back cover
around camera area
Insert the SIM card or MicroSD card into
the slot as indicated above
Close the back cover and turn on power
SIM with voice & 3G data to be inserted in
slot 1. Slot 2 is for voice and 2G data

The Status Bar

VINCI MV Model VM-6910

Data Connection

SIM Card Installation

New email
USB connected
Return button
Setting button & Display Recently-used
Current battery volume
Airplane Mode On
USB debugging connected
Home button
WIFI connected, Internet is available
Feature VINCI MV Model VM-6910
G-Sensor Yes
CPU/GPU Dual Core 1 GHz/SGX 531
8GB. External MicroSD
up to 32GB
Battery 2800 mAH Li-On
Screen 1024 x 600 multi-touch 7”
Preloaded: VINCI Curriculum App
Samples, Kids Library App
Samples, VINCI Music Video:
12 titles (approximately
30 minutes)
Included in
the Pack-
Leather Case, Travel Charger,
USB Cable, Earphone with
Note 1: VINCI MV supports voice and data.
Note 2: WCDMA for 3G data service is valid in
North America and certain regions of the world
(AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell, Rogers etc.).
Note 3: Services are available only where your
phone service is offered.
You can connect your VINCI MV with the PC
via the USB cable to copy or move les, browse
images and video les.
After connecting VINCI MV to a PC, on the
home screen of the phone, drag your nger to
pull down the interface where you can turn on
USB storage mode.
Note: USB connector may become damaged
or malfunction if bent.
Enable voice services in SIM
Card Management, under Settings.

USB Connection

Voice Service

MicroSD Card
only upon power

Getting Started

Note: The availability of these features
depends on your cellular service plan.
Turn on your VINCI MV by pressing and holding
the POWER button for 3 seconds. Once the
system enters the screen lock status, Unlock it.
Follow the screen prompts to set up VINCI
MV. Visit to register your
VINCI MV and to:
Validate your warranty
Obtain timely support
Download free content
Access Location Services, under Settings,
to enable GPS. Tips:
It may take time to load
the map when it is rst used, or in a new region.
Turn on A-GPS to speed up the process. It may
be faster to update maps with Wi-Fi on.
Turn ON Wi-Fi by going to Settings. Follow
the prompt to enter a password.
Under Settings, select an available Blue
tooth device. Follow the prompt to enter a
password and match the device in order to
Feature VINCI MV Model VM-6910
Voice Quard-Band GSM
3G Data WCDMA 850/1900/2100
Bluetooth Yes
services, you can get online using the
wireless network. Turn on 3G data service
in SIM Card Management, under Settings.

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