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BedienungsanleitungWalrus Audio Eons
For Eons, man has thought the sound of thunder to be
from the heavens above, echoing boastfully over us as
we stay safe from its greatness. However, legend tells of
a stoic and indomitable beast residing in the highest
mountains seen and heard only by the most brash of
travelers. With gnarled and twisted horns, this creature
emits a sound thicker than Earth’s crust to command
attention and warn all who stand in his way. This is Eons.


The “Vol” knob sets the overall output
volume of the pedal. The “Voltage” and
“Gain” controls are very interactive with
the overall output volume of the pedal,
so there is plenty of volume on tap to



The “Voltage” knob allows you to adjust the circuit’s
operating voltage. At its minimum, the main fuzz
section of the circuit will operate at around 3
volts, resulting in a “dying battery” sound. At its
maximum, the main fuzz section of the circuit will
operate at around 18 volts, resulting in a more open
and less compressed sound with added bass.
As you cut the voltage, the pedal will begin to
produce a starved sound and have a brighter
frequency response. As you approach noon
on the “Voltage” control, the pedal will begin
to have a gating effect. Lower voltages will also
drastically reduce the output volume of the
pedal. This knob behaves slightly differently
across all the different modes.
Got questions or need a repair? Email help@walrusaudio.com to talk
with a real live human about your Walrus gear!
This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
Click Here for more info.
9 volt DC, Center Neg.
100mA min*
*The use of an isolated power supply is
recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.
Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.

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