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BedienungsanleitungWalrus Audio Fable
*The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for powering all Walrus Audio Pedals.
Daisy chain power supplies are not recommended.
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This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
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In the high woodlands of the north, undiscovered by most inhabitants, there ruled a clan of old,
mystic Treefolk. On the first new moon of spring, these Treefolk could be heard grafting limbs
to grow their young - splicing bits of branches from each generation to produce the next line
of Treefolk. These new beings keep the lifeblood of all who came before in their new skin. These
sounds are in part very old but in part very new. They are referred to as… Fable.
9 volt DC, Center Negative • 300mA min*
Feedback: Controls the amount of gain in the first
feedback path.
Regen (Regeneration): Controls the amount of gain in the
second feedback path.
Mod (Modulation): Controls the amount of modulation
applied to the wet signal. Hold down bypass to adjust the
modulation rate with the Mod knob. You’ll see the bypass
LED flashing at the mod rate when this is active. Release
bypass when it’s at the desired rate and the pedal will
remember the setting.
Mix: Controls the amount of wet/dry mix.
Fully left = dry.
Fully right = wet.


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