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Western Digital Gold
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WD Gold

Datacenter Hard Drives

Scale it in gold.
With up to ten times the workload capacity of desktop drives, WD Gold™
hard drives employ advanced technology to deliver among the best in
reliability, capacity, power eciency and performance. Designed for a
multitude of Datacenter-specic applications, WD Gold™ hard drives are
perfect for high-availability server and storage arrays that demand the most
robust storage device available with 24/7 premium customer support.
SATA 6 Gb/s
7200 RPM Class
1TB to 10TB

Product Benets

Full range of nearline capacities
From entry-level servers to high
end enterprise storage systems, WD
Gold™ hard drives oer the capacities
required for the most demanding
datacenter environments.
High workload capability
Delivering both performance
and reliability to any datacenter
environment, WD Gold™ hard drives
are designed to handle workloads up
to 550TB per year which is among the
highest workload capability of any 3.5-
inch hard drive.
High level of reliability
With up to 2.5 million hours MTBF,
WD Gold™ hard drives deliver one
of the highest levels of reliability
and durability for yearly operation
(24x7x365) within the most demanding
storage environments.
Vibration protection
Enhanced RAFF™ technology includes
sophisticated electronics to monitor
the drive and correct both linear and
rotational vibration in real time. The
result is a signicant performance
improvement in high vibration
environments over our desktop hard
RAID-specic, time-limited error
recovery (TLER)
Reduces drive fallout caused by the
extended hard drive error-recovery
processes common to desktop drives.
Dynamic y height technology
Each read-write head’s y height is
adjusted in real time for optimum
Dual actuator technology
A head positioning system with two
actuators that improves positional
accuracy over the data track(s). The
primary actuator provides coarse
displacement using conventional
electromagnetic actuator principles.
The secondary actuator uses
piezoelectric motion to ne tune the
head positioning to a higher degree of
Compatibility testing
All WD Gold™ hard drives are
extensively tested across a variety of
popular OEM storage systems, SATA
controllers, and host bus adapters, to
ensure ease of integration for a plug
and play solution.
Premium support
Dedicated 24x7 over the phone
support is included with every WD
Gold™ hard drive.


Enterprise servers, datacenter environments, enterprise storage systems, data warehousing/mining, enterprise NAS, and high end surveillance systems.

The WD Advantage

WD puts datacenter products through extensive Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T.) prior to any product launch. This testing ensures our products consistently meet
the high quality and reliability standards of the WD brand. Following a FIT test the Enterprise System Group (ESG) testing validates interoperability with HBAs,
operating systems, and drivers, to ensure an even greater level of quality, reliability, and peace of mind.
WD also has a detailed Knowledge Base with helpful articles and software utilities. Our customer support lines have long operational hours to ensure you get the
help you need when you need it. Our toll-free customer support lines are here to help or you can access our WD Support site for additional details.
Western Digital Gold

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Western Digital Gold-Spezifikationen

Marke Western Digital
Model Gold
Produkte Festplatte
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
HDD Kapazität 4000 GB
Schnittstelle Serial ATA III
HDD Geschwindigkeit 7200 RPM
HDD Größe 3.5 Zoll
Puffergröße Speicherlaufwerk 128 MB
Übertragungsrate HDD Schnittstelle 6 Gbit/s
Kontinuierliche HDD Übertragungsrate 201 MiB/s
Mittlere Betriebsdauer zwischen Ausfällen (MTBF) 2000000 h
Temperaturbereich in Betrieb 5 - 60 °C
Temperaturbereich bei Lagerung -40 - 70 °C
Stoßfest (in Betrieb) 70 G
Stoßfest (außer Betrieb) 300 G
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 101.6 mm
Höhe 26.1 mm
Tiefe 147 mm
Gewicht 715 g
Anzahl 20
Technische Details
Nachhaltigkeitszertifikate RoHS
Energieverbrauch (lesen) 9 W
Energieverbrauch (schreiben) 8.7 W
Energieverbrauch (idle) 7.1 W
Arbeitsspannung 5 / 12 V
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