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BedienungsanleitungWestern Digital Purple
WD Purple™ drives are engineered specifically for surveillance to help withstand the
elevated heat fluctuations and equipment vibrations within NVR environments. An av-
erage desktop drive is built to run for only short intervals, not the harsh 24/7 always-on
environment of a high-definition surveillance system. With WD Purple, you get reliable,
surveillance-class storage that’s tested for compatibility in a wide range of security
systems. Exclusive AllFrame™ technology helps reduce frame loss and improve overall
video playback. WD Purple 8TB and higher drives have additional performance head-
room to support a new generation of AI-enabled NVRs, video analytics appliances, and
deep-learning servers.

Industry-leading storage. Surveillance you can trust.

Western Digital is a worldwide leader in the hard drive industry. With WD Purple surveil-
lance storage, you have a drive engineered for high temperature, always-on surveillance
systems so you can rely on quality video playback when you need it most. Whether
youre protecting loved ones or monitoring your business, WD Purple offers performance
you can trust.

Western Digital’s Exclusive AllFrame Technology

All WD Purple™ drives are equipped with AllFrame technology, which improves ATA
streaming to help reduce frame loss, improve overall video playback, and increase the
number of hard drive bays supported within an NVR. WD Purple capacities up to 6TB
feature AllFrame 4K technology enabling high-quality recording in a multitude of security
systems. WD Purple 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, and 18TB capacities feature AllFrame AI tech-
nology that enables not only recording multiple streams per camera but also supports an
additional 32 streams for Deep Learning analytics within the system.

Enhanced Workload Ratings

WD Purple drives with AllFrame 4k technology feature a workload rating of up to 180TB/
year – up to three times that of desktop drives – to handle the unique demands of mod-
ern video surveillance DVR and NVR systems. WD Purple drives with AllFrame AI tech-
nology feature a workload rating up to 360TB/year to support the growing use of deep
learning analytics.

Multiple Cameras, Multiple Streams

Modern recorders now support multiple video streams per camera. WD Purple™ 8TB
and higher capacity drives are optimized to support up to 64 HD single-stream cameras
and can also support the latest smart cameras that transmit multiple streams. With so
many options, you have the flexibility to upgrade or expand your security system in the

Designed for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Surveillance Solutions

With an MTBF of up to 1.5 million hour, WD Purple drives are engineered for mainstream
surveillance DVRs and NVRs that operate 24/7. With tarnish-resistant components and
support for more than eight bays, WD Purple drives deliver reliable operation in large
scale surveillance systems even in harsh environments.

Field-proven High Capacity

Now on its 6th generation, field-proven HelioSeal™ technology delivers trusted high-ca-
pacity WD Purple™ storage (10TB, 12TB, 14TB, and 18TB) for the massive storage needs of
4K surveillance video and deep learning analytics.

Wide Compatibility. Seamless Integration.

WD Purple™ hard drives are built with compatibility in mind, so you can quickly and
seamlessly add capacity to your surveillance system. With a wide range of industry-lead-
ing enclosures and chipsets supported, you’re sure to find the DVR or NVR configuration
that’s right for you.

Proactive storage management with WDDA

Western Digital® Device Analytics™ (WDDA) provides a wealth of storage device para-
metric operational and diagnostic data to the system; algorithms interpret the data and
direct the system to alert system administrators of specific recommended actions to
address potential issues. WDDA is intended to empower OEMs, system integrators, and
IT professionals to better monitor and proactively manage supported storage devices to
maintain optimal operation.

Three Year Limited Warranty

As an industry-leading hard drive manufacturer, WD stands behind their surveillance stor-
age solutions with a 3-year limited warranty included with every WD Purple drive.

WD Purple

SATA 6 Gb/s
5400 / 7200 RPM Class
1TB to 18TB

Product Highlights

Capacity up to 18TB
Engineered specifically for surveillance security
Tuned for write-intensive, low bit-rate, high
stream-count workloads typical to most
surveillance applications.
8TB and above have additional enhancements
and higher workload rate for AI-enabled
recorders, systems and solutions
Supports up to 180 TB/yr workload rate (Up to
360 TB/yr workload rate on 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB
and 18TB drives).
Support for more than eight bays.
Tarnish-resistant components.
3-years limited Warranty
Western Digital puts our products through exten-
sive Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T.) prior to any
product launch. This testing ensures our products
consistently meet the highest quality and reliability
standards of the Western Digital brand.
Western Digital also has a detailed Knowledge Base
with more than 1,000 helpful articles as well as soft-
ware and utilities. Our customer support lines have
long operational hours to ensure you get the help
you need when you need it. Our toll-free customer
support lines are here to help, or you can access our
Western Digital Support site for additional details.


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Marke Western Digital
Model Purple
Produkte Festplatte
EAN 0718037823300, 7612392306832, 5711045965821, 0801049957146, 5054991550520, 3722543428345, 0898029659596, 5054230708330, 0792745491631, 0749857621104, 7426100217255, 5055860540031, 2003041065005, 5054242152664, 8056450373302, 5054565426626, 0809392593059, 8978467400928, 5054484590286, 8411200249335, 0803982835215, 0780908090807, 0609459388907, 5054533590281, 5054230728437, 4053162424197, 0612381682852, 5054629426623, 7180378233002, 4016138885231, 5054230644416, 0000001683486
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
HDD Kapazität 3000 GB
Schnittstelle Serial ATA III
HDD Geschwindigkeit 5400 RPM
HDD Größe 3.5 Zoll
Komponente für Überwachungssystem
Puffergröße Speicherlaufwerk 64 MB
Übertragungsrate HDD Schnittstelle 6 Gbit/s
Start-/Stopp-Zyklen 300000
Kontinuierliche HDD Übertragungsrate 145 MiB/s
Technische Details
Nachhaltigkeitszertifikate RoHS
Speicherlaufwerk-Adapter enthalten Nein
Energieverbrauch (lesen) 4.4 W
Energieverbrauch (schreiben) 4.4 W
Energieverbrauch (idle) 4.1 W
Stromverbrauch (aus) 0.4 W
Arbeitsspannung 5 / 12 V
Betriebstemperatur 0 - 65 °C
Temperaturbereich bei Lagerung -40 - 70 °C
Stoßfest (in Betrieb) 30 G
Stoßfest (außer Betrieb) 250 G
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Höhe 26.1 mm
Tiefe 147 mm
Breite 101.6 mm
Gewicht 640 g
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