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Whirlpool AKM 224 NB
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BedienungsanleitungWhirlpool AKM 224 NB


These instructions are only valid for those
Countries where the destination abbreviations are
mentioned on the rear cover of the user
instructions and on the appliance.
Keep the packaging material (plastic bags,
polystyrene parts, etc.) out of the reach of
children, as they are potentially dangerous.
Check whether the cooktop has been damaged
during transport.
Ensure that the installation and gas/electrical
connections are performed by a qualified
technician, following the manufacturer's
instructions and in compliance with current
local safety regulations.



1. Packaging
The packaging material is entirely recyclable, and is
marked with the recycling symbol , which
identifies it as a type of material that must be sent
to local waste-disposal centres.
2. Product
The cooktop is made out of recyclable material.
When scrapping it, comply with local waste-
disposal regulations. Before disposing of it, cut its
power cable off in order to render it inoperative.


Before any cleaning or maintenance
operation, disconnect the cooktop from
mains power supply.
The use of a gas appliance produces heat
and humidity in the room. Ensure that the
room is well ventilated, or install an
extractor hood with exhaust duct.
In case of prolonged use, additional ventilation
may be needed (opening a window or
increasing the extraction force of the hood).
Keep children away from the cooktop when
it is in use.
After use, ensure that the knobs are in
position (off), and close the main gas
delivery valve or the gas cylinder valve.
Caution: the lid (where present) might
break if overheated. Before closing it, make
sure that all the burners are off.
Warning: The protective rubber feet on the
panstand grids represent a choking hazard
for young children. After cleaning the
panstand grids, please ensure that all the
rubber feet are correctly fitted.

Declaration of conformity

This cooktop has been designed,
constructed and marketed in compliance
- safety requirements of EEC Directive
“Gas” 90/396;
- safety requirements of EEC Directive
“Low voltage” 73/23;
- protection requirements of EEC Directive
“EMC” 89/336;
- requirements of EEC Directive 93/68.
This cooktop is suitable for contact with
foodstuffs, and complies with EEC Directive
This cooktop (Class 3 or CL2/SC2 if fitted
with an oven) has been designed to be used
only for cooking. Any other use (such as
heating a room) is improper and dangerous.
To get full satisfaction of your cooktop,
please read these instructions carefully
and keep them for future consultation.

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