Whirlpool GMW 7522/IXL

Whirlpool GMW 7522/IXL Bedienungsanleitung

    Download the complete instruction manual on -
    http://docs.whirlpool.eu - or call the phone
    number shown on the warranty booklet
    Before using the appliance, read these safety
    instructions. Keep them nearby for future reference.
    These instructions and the appliance itself provide
    important safety warnings, to be observed at all
    times. The manufacturer declines any liability for
    failure to observe these safety instructions, for
    inappropriate use of the appliance or incorrect
    setting of controls.
    These instructions are valid if the country symbol
    appears on the appliance. If the symbol doesn't
    appear on the appliance, it is necessary to refer to
    the technical instructions which will provide the
    necessary instructions concerning modication of
    the appliance to the conditions of use of the country.
    CAUTION : The use of the gas cooking appliance
    results in the production of heat, moisture and
    products of combustion in the room in which it is
    installed. Ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated
    especially when the appliance is in use: keep
    natural ventilation holes open or install a
    mechanical ventilation device (mechanical
    extractor hood). Prolonged intensive use of the
    appliance may call for additional ventilation, for
    example opening of the window, or more eective
    ventilation,increasing the level of mechanical
    ventilation where present.
    WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts
    become hot during use. Care shoul be taken to
    avoid touching heating elements. Children less than
    8 years of age must be kept away unless continuously
    WARNING : If the hob surface is cracked, don’t
    use the appliance – risk of electrical shock.
    WARNING : Danger of re : Do not store items
    on the cooking surfaces.
    CAUTION : The cooking process has to be
    A short cooking process has to be supervised
    WARNING : Unattended cooking on a hob with fat
    or oil can be dangerous – risk of re. NEVER try to
    extinguish a re with water, but switch o the appliance
    and then cover ame e.g. with a lid or a re blanket.
    Do not use the hob as a work surface or support.
    Keep clothes or other ammable materials away
    from the appliance, unitl all the components have
    cooled down completely – risk of re.
    If the information in this manual is not followed
    exactly, a re or explosion , may result causing
    property damage or injury.
    Very young children (0-3 years) should be kept
    away from the appliance. Young children (3-8
    years) should be kept away from the appliance
    unless continuously supervised. Children from 8
    years old and above and persons with reduced
    physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of
    experience and knowledge can use this appliance
    only if they are supervised or have been given
    instructions on safe use and understand the
    hazards involved. Children must not play with the
    appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance must
    not be carried out by children without supervision.
    CAUTION : In case of hotplate glass breakage:-
    shut immediately o all burners and any electrical
    heating element and isolate the appliance from
    the power supply; - do not touch the appliance
    surface; -do not use the appliance.
    The glass lid can break in if it is heated up. Turn o
    all the burners and the electric plates before closing
    the lid. Do not shout down lid when burner alight.
    CAUTION: the appliance is not intended to be
    operated by means of an external switching device,
    such as a timer, or separate remote controlled system.
    This appliance is intended to be used in household
    and similar applications such as: sta kitchen areas
    in shops, oces and other working environments;
    farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels, bed &
    breakfast and other residential environments.
    No other use is permitted (e.g. heating rooms).
    This appliance is not for professional use. Do not
    use the appliance outdoors.
    Use pots and pans with bottoms the same width
    as that of the burners or slightly larger (see specic
    table). Make sure pots on the grates do not protrude
    beyond the edge of the hob.
    Improper use of the grids can result in damage
    to the hob: do not position the grids upside down
    or slide them across the hob.
    Do not let the burner ame extend beyond the edge of the pan.
    Do not use : Cast iron griddles, ollar stones, terracotta pots and pans.
    Heat diusers such as metal mesh, or any other types. Two burners
    simultaneously for one receptacle (e.g. Fish kettle).
    Should particular local conditions of the delivered gas make the ignition
    of burner dicult, it is advisable to repeat the operation with the knob
    turned to small ame setting.
    In case of installation of a hood above the cooktop, please refer to the
    hood instructions for the correct distance.
    The protective rubber feet on the grids represent a chocking hazard for
    young children. After removing the grids, please ensure that all the feet
    are correctly tted.
    The appliance must be handled and installed by
    two or more persons - risk of injury. Use protective
    gloves to unpack and install - risk of cuts.
    Installation, including water supply (if any) and
    electrical connections, and repairs must be carried out
    by a qualied technician. Do not repair or replace any
    part of the appliance unless specically stated in the
    user manual. Keep children away from the installation
    site. After unpacking the appliance, make sure that it
    has not been damaged during transport. In the event
Whirlpool GMW 7522/IXL

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Whirlpool GMW 7522/IXL-Spezifikationen

Marke Whirlpool
Model GMW 7522/IXL
Produkte Herd
EAN 8003437231728
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF
Produktfarbe Edelstahl
Geräteplatzierung Integriert
Größe der Kochfeldbreite 73
Kochfeldtyp Gaskochfeld
Art der Oberfläche iXelium
Anzahl Herdplatten/Kochzonen 5
Anzahl der Gasbrenner 5
Anzahl der elektrischen Herdplatten 0
Schmorplatte/ Kochzone 1000
Schmorplatten-Kochzonenform Rund
Standard Herdplatte/Kochzone 1750
Standard Herdplatten-/Kochzonenform Rund
Große Herdplatte/Kochzone 3000
Große Herdplatten-/Kochzonenform Rund
Extra große Hochgeschwindigkeitsherdplatte 4000
Extragroße High-Speed-Brenner-/Kochzonenform Rund
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 730
Tiefe 510
Höhe 41
Einbauraum Breite 560
Einbauraum Tiefe 480
Kabellänge 0.85
Einbauraum Höhe 38
Gewicht 12700
Pfannenunterlagenmaterial Eisenguss
Anzahl der simultan verwendeten Kochbereiche 5
Anzahl der Leistungsstufen -
Stromstärke 0.2
Anschlusswert (elektrisch) -
Anschlusswert (Gas) 11000
AC Eingangsspannung 230
AC Eingangsfrequenz 50
Resthitze Anzeige
Kindersicherung -
Steuerung Drehregler
Steuerungsposition Vorne oben
Eingebaute Anzeige
Einfach zu säubern

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