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This section contains general troubleshooting information.

USB Keys - Troubleshooting Boot Issues

Due to different manufacturing processes on USB keys (and the variety of them), not all
brands have been tested with the Wyse USB Firmware Tool. If you experience problems
booting from a configured USB key, it is recommended that you try a different brand of
USB key. The following list of USB keys have been successfully tested with the Wyse USB
Firmware Tool:
Kingston Data Traveler 4 GB
Kingston Data Traveler 8 GB
SanDisk Cruzer micro 4 GB
SanDisk Cruzer micro 8 GB
SanDisk Cruzer micro 16 GB
Transcendent 4GB

SanDisk Cruiser Flash Drives - Troubleshooting Partition Issues

Problem: How can I properly use a SanDisk Cruiser flash drive to image supported
devices using the Wyse USB Firmware Tool? (KB17735)
Solution: SanDisk flash drives come with support for U3 (for details on U3, see
). When you initially use these drives, you are prompted to select the
use for the drive: Apps and Storage or only Storage. If you select the Apps and Storage
option, the drive will create two partitions, one of which is identified as a CD and is a read
only partition. This partition sometimes prevents the Wyse USB Firmware Tool to properly
prepare the USB key for imaging a device. To resolve this problem you can do one of the
•Go to http://www.sandisk.com
, search in the SanDisk Knowledge Base for document
2550, and then follow the instructions in the documentation.
•Go to http://www.sandisk.com/DriverDownload/driverList.asp
, select USB Flash
Drives from the Select Product Type list, click Find Driver, select U3 LaunchPad
Remover, click Continue, and then download and use the U3 Launchpad Remover
according to the instructions.

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