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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
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BedienungsanleitungXiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
User Manual of «MiJia» vacuum cleaner
Before using the product, please carefully read this manual and save it properly
Before you start cleaning, make sure, that there were no wires and foreign objects on the oor,
which are easily overturned, broken or valuable items that may be damaged, or that may be
confusing the unit, because of which stucking, collision or whatever may happen way prejudiced
person and property.
If the device is used in a space, where there is a height dierence, take care of a reliable
physical protection - anti-fall device screen, to prevent damage to people and property.
Attention! During a rst cleaning, please follow the device personally, and help him in emerging
issues - after issues such cleaning is hassle-free. If there are some areas, that do not require
cleaning, and the unit can get stuck in them, get a virtual barrier that will deter the unit from
entering the above-mentioned areas.
1. Connect power cable. Excess of cable is pulled into the housing trough.
Attention! Power cord, hanging down on the oor, can be entangled by the cleaner, or
removed from the power outlet, which will cause power interruption.
2. On a at surface set a charging base and connect it to power supply.
Note: Make sure that both sides of a charging base have at least 0.5 m,
and front surface has at least 1.0 m of free space.
3. Turning and charging the device.
Press and hold the O button, wait for the ring lamp lights up and press the device to a
charging base.
QR code
Fing «Mi Smart Home» App on the manufacturer’s page or scan two-
dimensional code and download the mobile app, open the lid of the device
and search for Wi-Fi status indicator lamp. Follow the instructions in the
Wi-Fi status indicator
Slow ashing: Waiting for connection;
Fast ashing: There is a connection;
Continuous combustion: Wi-Fi connection.
Attention! When phone is not connected to a robot cleaner, see «Operating Instructions» -.
«Reset Wi-Fi».
5. Start Cleaning.
When the round charging indicator nishes blinking white light in the respiratory rate and glows
white steady light, it indicates that the device is charged. In this case, briey press the O button or
start the device with a mobile phone.
Colour of ring indicator lamp shows an amount of electric charge:
White - 50%;
Yellow - 50% -20%;
Red - less than 20%.
Attention! At too low battery level you can not turn on the device, in this case, please
press the device to a charging base.


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Wladimir Neufeld • 23-1-2022

Mein Mi Robot Vacuum stellt keine Netzwerk Verbindung mehr selbst nach Resetten.

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Wie kann ich "Offline" in "Online" verändern?

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum-Spezifikationen

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Marke Xiaomi
Model Mi Robot Vacuum | SDJQR02RR
Produkte Staubsauger
EAN 6970244529862
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Staubbehälter Typ Beutellos
Produktfarbe Weiß
Form Rund
Eingebautes Display Nein
Gehäusematerial Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol (ABS)
Smartphone Fernsteuerung Ja
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Durchmesser 345 mm
Höhe 96 mm
Breite 345 mm
Tiefe 345 mm
Gewicht 3800 g
Akku-/Batteriespannung 14.4 V
Stromverbrauch (Standardbetrieb) 55 W
Akku-/Batteriekapazität 5200 mAh
Akku-/Batterietechnologie Lithium
AC Eingangsspannung 100 - 240 V
AC Eingangsfrequenz 50 - 60 Hz
Laufzeit 150 min
Batterielebensdauer 250 m²
Automatische Rückkehr zur Basisstation Ja
HEPA Filtrationsystem -
Geräuschpegel - dB
Betriebstemperatur 0 - 40 °C
Integrierte Sensoren Accelerometer,Gyroscope,Laser,Ultrasonic Sensor
Staubsensor Ja
Funktionen der Basisstation Ladend
Nasswischen -
Staubkapazität (gesamt) - l
Basisstation Ja
Netzkabel enthalten Ja
Technische Details
Saugleistung 1800 Tag
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