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Yamaha RX-V692
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BedienungsanleitungYamaha RX-V692


70 mm
This program is effective for playback of sources encoded with Dolby Surround.
The Yamaha DSP technology is ideally combined with the Dolby Pro Logic to present you incredible
listening experience of the 70 mm film movie theater. This program is ideal for precisely reproducing the
sound design of the newest movies. The sound field is made according to the design of the newest movie
theaters, so the reverberations of the sound field itself are restrained as much as possible. The three
dimensional feeling of the sound field is emphasized, and dialog is precisely oriented on the screen. You can
enjoy watching Sci-Fi, adventure movies, etc. with this program.
This program is furnished with a tight sound field in which the sound will not spread excessively on the front
side, but the rear surround side produces a dynamic sound expansion. This program is the most suitable for
sports programs encoded with Dolby Surround.
JAZZ CLUB This is a small, cozy jazz club with a low ceiling. The sound is very close and intimate.
This program recreates the acoustic environment of a big church with a high pointed dome and columns along
the sides. This interior produces very long reverberations.
This program is effective for music videos and gives excellent depth and clarity for vocals. For opera, the
orchestra and stage are ideally recreated, letting you feel as if you were in an actual concert hall.
This program is designed specifically to enhance mono source programs. Compared to a strictly mono
setting, the sound image created in this mode is wider and slightly forward of the speaker pair, lending an
immediacy to the overall sound. It is particularly effective when used with old mono movies, news
broadcasts and dialog.

RX-V692 only

RX-V592 only


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Marke Yamaha
Model RX-V692
Produkte Empfänger
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp PDF

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