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Yamaha RX-V995
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BedienungsanleitungYamaha RX-V995


The remote controller does not work.
The remote controller does not function
Learning cannot be made successfully.
(The TRANSMIT/LEARN indicator does not
light up or flash.)
Continuous functions such as volume are
learned, but operate only for a moment
before stopping.
The batteries of this remote controller are
The internal microcomputer “freezes”.
Wrong distance or angle.
Direct sunlight or lighting (of an inverter type
of fluorescent lamp etc.) is striking the remote
control sensor of the main unit.
The internal microcomputer “freezes”.
The batteries of this remote controller and/or
the other remote controller are weak.
The distance between the two remote
controllers is too far or short.
The signal coding or modulation of the other
remote controller is not compatible with this
remote controller.
Memory capacity is full.
The internal microcomputer “freezes”.
Learning process incomplete.
What to Do
Replace the batteries with new ones and
press the RESET button on the remote
Press the RESET button on the remote
The remote controller will function from a
maximum range of 6 meters, no more than 30
degrees off-axis from the front panel.
Change position of the main unit.
Press the RESET button on the remote
Replace the batteries (and press the RESET
button for this remote controller).
Place the remote controllers at the proper
Learning is not possible.
Further learning is not possible without
deleting unnecessary commands.
Press the RESET button on the remote
Be sure to press and hold the function key on
the other remote controller until the
TRANSMIT/LEARN indicator begins flashing

Remote controller

DSP parameters and some other settings
on this unit cannot be changed.
“INPUT DATA ERR” appears on the display
and no sound is heard.
The sound field cannot be recorded.
This unit does not operate properly.
A source cannot be recorded by a tape
deck or VCR connected to this unit.
Noise from nearby TV or tuner.
The sound is degraded when listening with
the headphones connected to the compact
disc player or tape deck that is connected
with this unit.
The function “11. MEMORY GUARD” in the
SET MENU mode is set to the “ON” position.
A nonstandardized source is played back, or
the unit playing back a source is
It is not possible to record the sound field on
a tape deck connected to this unit’s
TAPE/MD OUT terminals.
The internal microcomputer has been frozen
by an external electric shock (lightning,
excessive static electricity, etc.) or power
supply with low voltage.
The source unit is connected to this unit
between digital terminals only.
This unit is too close to the affected
This unit is in the standby mode.
What to Do
Set to the “OFF” position.
Check the source, or turn off the unit playing
back the source and then turn on again.
Unplug the AC power cord from the wall AC
outlet, and then plug in again after about one
Make additional connection between analog
Move the unit further away from the affected
Turn the power to this unit on.


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