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Yamaha TMAX 530 (2008)
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BedienungsanleitungYamaha TMAX 530 (2008)


ed by road and traffic conditions.
Always signal before turning or
changing lanes. Make sure that
other motorists can see you.
The posture of the operator and
passenger is important for proper
The operator should keep both
hands on the handlebar and
both feet on the operator foot-
rests during operation to main-
tain control of the scooter.
The passenger should always
hold onto the operator, the seat
strap or grab bar, if equipped,
with both hands and keep both
feet on the passenger footrests.
Never carry a passenger unless
he or she can firmly place both
feet on the passenger footrests.
Never ride under the influence of
alcohol or other drugs.
This scooter is designed for
on-road use only. It is not suitable
for off-road use.
Protective apparel
The majority of fatalities from scooter
accidents are the result of head inju-
ries. The use of a safety helmet is the
single most critical factor in the preven-
tion or reduction of head injuries.
Always wear an approved helmet.
Wear a face shield or goggles.
Wind in your unprotected eyes
could contribute to an impairment
of vision that could delay seeing a
The use of a jacket, substantial
shoes, trousers, gloves, etc., is ef-
fective in preventing or reducing
abrasions or lacerations.
Never wear loose-fitting clothes,
otherwise they could catch on the
control levers or wheels and cause
injury or an accident.
Always wear protective clothing
that covers your legs, ankles, and
feet. The engine or exhaust sys-
tem become very hot during or af-
ter operation and can cause burns.
A passenger should also observe
the above precautions.
Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
All engine exhaust contains carbon
monoxide, a deadly gas. Breathing car-
bon monoxide can cause headaches,
dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, confu-
sion, and eventually death.
Carbon Monoxide is a colorless, odor-
less, tasteless gas which may be
present even if you do not see or smell
any engine exhaust. Deadly levels of
carbon monoxide can collect rapidly
and you can quickly be overcome and
unable to save yourself. Also, deadly
levels of carbon monoxide can linger
for hours or days in enclosed or poorly
ventilated areas. If you experience any
symptoms of carbon monoxide poison-
ing, leave the area immediately, get
fresh air, and SEEK MEDICAL TREAT-
Do not run engine indoors. Even if
you try to ventilate engine exhaust
with fans or open windows and
doors, carbon monoxide can rap-
idly reach dangerous levels.
Do not run engine in poorly venti-
lated or partially enclosed areas
such as barns, garages, or car-
Do not run engine outdoors where

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